Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Washington - Long Beach

Long Beach Peninsula is a great destination to "get away from it all" if you go in the autumn, winter or spring.

Best Season: Just try to time it right, so that the fog lifts sometime during the day.
Activities: Bike Path, Camping, Fishing, Bird Watching, Dining, Berry Picking, Historical   exhibits, Kite flying
Things to Watch Out For: High winds, sudden changes in conditions, severe weather, dense fog

Narrative: At on time, you could camp in lots of the parks in the area. This is no longer the case.  There is no dispersed camping on the peninsula by county ordinance.  But don't despair, there are lots of private RV parks in the local and communities if that is your pick.  Best camping is found at Cape Disappointment State Park.  Don't let the name mislead you, lots of improvements have occurred since the trip of Lewis & Clark in the winter of 1805-06.  The park offers 180 camping sites, lots of trails, and miles of beach front.  In the summer, reservations are absolutely essential.  But in the quiet of the "off" seasons, camping spots may often be found.  Plan ahead.