Tuesday, February 2, 2010

BLM Cottonwood, California

One of my hobbies is collecting brochures on recreation areas. So we stop at every Welcome and Information Center along the road. Most of the information pertains to motels and civic wonders.

However, in almost every pile there are some unique and wonderful recreation opportunities known only to the locals because most travelers forget to pick-up or read the brochure.

Well, here is one for you. Sacramento River Bend area guide prepared by the Bureau of Land Management Redding Office. Just north of our Forest Service campground is thousands of acres of trails, ponds, rivers, and places to explore that are public land. Pick up the brochure from the California Welcome Center or the BLM Redding Area office.

Dispersed camping is allowed up to the 14 days limit on BLM lands. A call to the Redding office, however, revealed that there were only limited areas for RV camping. The entrance to the Spring Branch Rd. just off the Jellys Ferry Rd. and south of the Battle Creek Wildlife Area. Once you get the brochure it is easy to find the camping area. There are additional camping areas on Spring Branch Rd. but it is a steep grade up and the upper road does tend to stay wet and gumbo like during wet weather.

The office did recommend the Steiner Flat Camping Area along the banks of the Trinity River west of Redding. The elevation is 1500 feet and the area is open all year with no fees.

It sounds like there are some issues with boondocking. So be on your best behavior as most RV'ers tend to be. Close to urban areas the agencies have many issues with camping problems so they tend to be guarded in the information they provide.

Check out other opportunities for boating, hiking and other outdoor activites on BLM lands around Redding. There are hidden in plain sight!

Google BLM Redding Recreation to get to their web site. You will find a wealth of recreation opportunites all below snowline in winter.

Soon there will be a nine mile level walking and biking trail from Redding to Shasta Dam with good fishing in lower bay reservoir all the way up for trout.



Wow, they could use a little bit of help with their web addresses!!

Contact info:

Bureau of Land Management
Redding Field Office
355 Hemsted Drive
Redding, CA 96002

As mentioned earlier the Forest Service Campground just south of Red Bluff can also provide an excellent base to exploring this area.

Do check out the Cottonwood Eatery in downtown historic Cottonwood for breakfast. We did not get there until after the 10:00 am special expired, but great breakfast. Unlike most historic districts this one comes with wide streets and plenty of parking for your rig.

Update 2012:  Well, we finally made it to the BLM lands outside of Cottonwood, California.  Click on our link for Sacramento River Bend, BLM, California.


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Good to see you're out there doing it. haven't seen you since LOW shut down. Nice blog. Good info. Keep it coming.
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It sounds like you have some beautiful spots to share, or at the very least, maybe it can help you find a few new ones to enjoy yourself!

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