Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Carmel, California

The California coast becomes something really special along the Montery Peninsula.  The small town of Carmel has been a destination for generations of Californians.  There is good shopping, great restaurants, and the photography of Edward Weston, Ansel Adams and others.  It is a small town with four shops selling great photographs of California.  So in their honor a black and white of the  beach at the Carmel.  You can walk here from the center of town.  There is a parking here, but not for large rigs.  Carmel is a town, best experience with your toad.

On this beach there were dogs running off-leash and having a whale of a time in the surf.  However, the rules are much more restrictive in town center.

It is a nice quiet park to sit and read.  I guess that is why it works as a nice quiet park.  The other nice thing about Carmel is that the business district does cater to the tourist.  There are bathrooms available throughout the town.  So find a place to leave the 5th wheel or motor home and come into town to spend the day.  There are many stores and restaurants to explore.  Do not forget to make your way down to the beach.  It is worth the walk. 
If you can get another couple you can rent a home in Carmel during the winter for about two thousand dollars a month.  I know this sounds expensive, but this is less than the two couples would pay to stay at a California State Park for a month.  More on California Parks on the next posting.

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