Friday, February 5, 2010

Pt. Reyes Lighthouse, California

Just around the corner from the elephant seals is the Pt. Reyes Lighthouse. On the trail to the Lighthouse you can to see North Beach and South Beach in the same view. If you look carefully, down on South Beach you will see more of those pesky elephant seals sunning themselves on the sand. Those are big seals!!

A short 1/4 mile walk brings you to the trail down to the lighthouse. It is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. So if you want to see the lighthouse or exercise those thigh muscles on a Coast Guard "stairmaster" plan your trip for later in the week. I am not sure how many steps it is down to the lighthouse, but it is probably the same number coming back up! At least with that fence you are not going to get lost.
Lighthouses are suppose to be lonely places. So here is a picture that confirms that bias. The fog horn was still going even though the fog bank was well off shore.

The surf at South Beach is loud. So much so that this gentleman was out there taping the surf. I suppose that once you get bored with pictures of your vacation you can shift to audio tapes of your vacation. He was over at Elephant Seal cove taping the sea lions. Now that tape was not as soothing as the sounds of the surf.

Now the National Park Service is not what I would call pet friendly. All trails are banned to dogs. In most places at Pt. Reyes National Seashore dogs are not allowed even on a leash. However, at South Beach and North Beach dogs are allowed. However, the surf and undertow in the area makes me wonder if this is not a secret plot by the Park Service to thin the dog population.
Never turn your back to the surf on these beaches. You can get towed out to sea in a hurry! Well, you can turn your back if the photographer is keeping an eye on the surf.

With the fog horn, the surf, and those elephant seals the southern end of Pt. Reyes can be a noisy place.

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