Monday, April 19, 2010

Image Stabilized Binoculars

Boondock Product: Image Stabilized Binoculars

Every once in a while a product is improved to such a degree that it forever changes that product.  Remember film camera's?  With the advent of digital film camera's have become a very small market.  And Paul Simon's protests not withstanding they did take his Kodachrome away.

Well, binoculars are undergoing that same revolution with Image Stabilization built into the optics.  Now there are binoculars costing thousands of dollars with fancy names like Zeiss.  Unless, they have image stabilization you will get a much, much better image with a $350 pair of Canon 10X30Image Stabilization Binoculars.

In binoculars what you see determines image quality.  Now the high end fancy named binoculars have better optics, but once you start holding them their advantage disappears.  Holding binoculars steady is impossible unless you attach them to a tripod.  With the new Canon Image Stabilization Binoculars the binoculars hold themselves steady for you.

The difference in what you can see is astounding.  The image is sharp and steady.  You can see much more detail.

The Canon's require AA batteries and a push of the button to activate the image stabilization.  One look through a pair of stabilized binoculars and you will never go back to regular binoculars.

You have to carry spare batteries since you get about four hours of stabilization time.  You have to press a button to hold the stabilization on and it shuts off when you release the button.   They look “different” than regular binoculars.  They are water resistant rather than water proof and like all binoculars that should not be dropped or roughly handled.

So why do you need a pair?  Well, as we get older it gets more and more difficult to hold binoculars steady.  These take care of that problem. 

When driving that GPS unit reviewed in a previous blog warns you about exits and which lane to take.  With the Image Stabilization binoculars your co-pilot can read the highway signs as you roll down the road to confirm the GPS unit.  Yes, those 10% percent times when the GPS is wrong can be avoided with these binoculars.

Your birdwatching, sky watching, and  concerts and plays will be much more enjoyable.

The Canon Image Stabilization Binoculars come in various sizes.  Like all binoculars the first number refers to the magnification and the second the size of the front lens.  Rather than get into a long discussion on optics, buy the 10X30 binoculars.  These are small enough and light enough to be comfortable for everyday use.  Unless you have a specific need, buy these rather than the larger sizes.

Also Amazon still has the great price on the Wilson Cellular antenna previously reviewed.  The cell antenna, GPS units and binoculars make for a fine kit to have next to the driver as you drive the backroads of America.

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Here is the link to the Wilson Anntenna.  That is a great price!!

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