Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blog Summary--Backroads Information

Every Wednesday we post information on backroads that our readers find useful.  As a retired Forester that has worked for the National Park Service, BLM, and the Forest Service I found that the public does need more information on their lands.  Now that I am a member of that public I am trying to post useful inside information that people can use to enjoy their lands.

The links below are active.  Just click on it to read that blog entry.

A Short History of Boondocking

When Is the Best Time to Visit a National Forest or Park

The Kindness of Locals

Driving Backroads

Maps....The Tool for Exploring the Back Roads

Buying Maps

Forest Service and other Federal Information Sources

Internet Information Sources

Back Road Safety

In the near future, we will be starting a series on interpreting Forest Service and other maps to find great boondocking locations.  Yes, you can find great boondocking locations just by looking at maps.  And in todays world with Google Earth you can confirm that the great spot is really a GREAT SPOT!

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