Friday, June 11, 2010

Camera's for Backroads

Backroads Product:  DSLR Camera

We all take pictures of our travels.  Having a good camera to take pictures does improve the quality of your photography.

Now this is NOT a recommendation for the best DSLR camera.  It is the best camera for use in the back-country or on backroads. 

Any DSLR camera on the market today will improve the quality of your pictures over a simple point and shoot camera.  This is because the chip is much larger on a DSLR.  The size of the chip is more important than the number of pixels.  As always the camera is less important than the photographer.   

Concentrate on the pictures not the equipment and you will become a better photographer sooner rather than later.

If you already have a 35mm or DSLR camera with lenses.  Stick with it if the lenses will work on the newer cameras.  All the DSLR cameras out there are good.  The differences are minor for most photographers.  It does make good copy comparing one camera to another to find that perfect camera!    There are good and bad points to all cameras, but in the long run you will probably be happier with a DSLR than any other camera.  And today's DSLR's can be used just like a point and shoot.

Many a camera has been sold on its "cool" factor.  This guy has got cool down.  He does not need a "cool" camera.

The pictures in this blog were taken with a Pentax 100D.  This camera is over four years old.  I intended to keep using it, but my daughter needs a DSLR for her European trip so I am replacing it with this model.

The Pentax K-X.  For backroad use I prefer a camera that runs on AA batteries.  This camera has received raved reviews for the quality and low price.  A rare combination these days. You can save some money by buying it in white through Amazon.

This is one of the last DSLR cameras that uses AA batteries.  With the new lithium  batteries this camera can run a long, long time on a set of four batteries.  It will also take regular alkaline and nickle-hydride rechargeable batteries.  Use of the flash is what really drags down the battery life.  My 100D runs for months on a single set of AA alkaline batteries.  If you use lots of flash the battery life will be much less.

The Pentax K-X also has great low light capability.  My astronomy and wildlife pictures can really use the boost when it is barely light.  The camera can bring out those early morning wildlife pictures that will be missed by other camera's. 

Pentax accessories are fairly inexpensive and you can use all the Pentax lenses in manual mode ever made!  Since Pentax was one of the most popular film cameras made looking around in garage sales can provide many of your photographic accessories fairly cheap.

This camera also has some newer features such as high definition video recording (720p) and high dynamic range (HDR) still shooting.  The video recording feature is nice, but for it and the HDR you will want to have a tripod.  These options were unavailable at any price just a couple of years ago.

Check our previous blog entry on telescopes to see how you can couple this camera to your telescope.  The same lens accessories work for all Pentax camera's:  Telescopes and more.  This camera has live view which is really helpful for focusing when the camera is attached to a telescope or manual lens.

Here is the link for a detailed review of the camera for camera buffs:  DP Review Pentax k-x.

This review is geared more to the average photographer:  Pentax k-x review .

A camera for backroads.   Great value for a cheap price.  Yes, there are better, more expensive camera's out there and if you already have a set of lenses you should consider sticking with that brand.  But for somebody starting out new to photography the price and value of the Pentax k-x is great.

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