Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Time and the Living is Easy

Backroads Product:  LaFuma Recliners

We first ran into the LaFuma recliners at an RV show in Spokane.  The lady demonstrated the recliner and then told us a story.  It seems one of her customers had purchased the LaFuma recliner and called her on how to clean the recliner.  She brightly said, " Just take a garden hose and use the water spray to clean the recliner".   There was silence at the other end and then the woman said "But won't that get my living room wet?"

We have purchased other brands, but found out they are not as well made as the LaFuma recliners.  They tend to wear out after a year or two.  The LaFuma's are still going strong after seven years.  The cords that hold the seat in place do have to be replaced.  However, the rewebbing kit is nominal in price and is easy to replace the original webbing.

The LaFuma recliner is comfortable enough to use in a living room and small enough to pack on that camping trip.  I use it to watch meteor showers as well as for those all important afternoon naps!  

If you are tall, you should get the extra large model which is larger and longer in size. 

A recliner while camping?  Yes, it will make your camping much more comfortable.  The biggest issue is that most folks just do not recognize how comfortable these chairs are until they use one.  They are just like those fancy ZERO GRAVITY CHAIRS sold by those expensive furniture stores.  Try one on for size.

Yes, the dog and others are going to be jealous of you when your settled into the LaFuma with that glass of wine.  The good things in life are best enjoyed in the boondocks.

There are fancier models for sale, but this is the basic model we prefer.  We have six of these for camping and using on the deck of our house.  There is a small cottage industry of supplying accessories for the LaFuma such as cup holders, magazine racks, laptop desks, and the all important sun umbrella that clips to the chair.

Here is the link to those accessories:  LaFuma Accessories

And here is the link for that all important umbrella: Clamp Umbrella for Lafuma Recliners / Chairs - Outdoor Color.

The LaFuma recliners are making the boondocks into your living room!

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