Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sunglasses and Driving Glasses

Backroads Product:  Sunglasses and Driving Glasses

Out on the backroads, products need to be functional rather than fashionable.  For years I went through cheap sunglasses, expensive sunglasses, scratched sunglasses, broken sunglasses, lost sunglasses and never felt like I found one I liked.

Then one day I was in an equipment rental place and saw a pair of safety glasses.  Now the safety glasses I remember from the 1970's were rather pathetic with blurry, poor glass.  It felt like you were really taking a chance rather than gaining safety, since you could not see anything with them on your eyes.

I am picky about optical quality.  All my telescopes and camera lenses have taught me there is no substitute for good optics.  And anything you place in front of your eye is an optic! 

So there on the counter were a pair of polarized safety glasses for about $30.  I hunt birds and fly fish and believe shot or hooks in the eyeball can ruin your day.  So safety glasses have become very important to me.  No, I do not hunt or fly fish with Dick Cheney, though I understand he is a much better fly fisherman than bird hunter.  But, you never know when you are going to need eyeglass protection and my feeling is it's better to wear it, than regret it.

These are the ones I wear.  Not bad for twenty-five dollars, and they are polarized to cut the glare.  They also do not look too bad if you are into fashion.  Well, maybe the fashion statement is that of a highway worker.

Here is the link to the complete line of Edge safety glasses.  Edge Safety Glasses

There are plenty to choose from with different frames and lenses.  For outdoors use, I definitely need polarized lenses.

I wear contacts corrected to 20/15.  So you can tell I am particular about my vision.  These safety glasses work great since they are wrap-arounds and cut the wind keeping my contacts from drying out.

There might be other brands of safety glasses out there, but these are the ones I found first and use.

The other glasses I use are yellow shooting glasses for cloudy days.  These are very inexpensive and you can find them at Amazon, Wal-Mart, and other stores.  Take a look in the sporting goods section for a pair.  

For years I went without glasses in the field.  I just felt like my luck might be running out, so started wearing them whenever I am fishing, hunting, or working in the woods.

Shooting glasses will definitely make your driving easier on cloudy days.  For the price, it is cheap insurance for working outside.

Safety glasses are one of those things that are much, much better now than in the past.  Put on a pair to save your eyes.

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