Monday, August 2, 2010

Sierra Buttes, Sierra City, California

 Backroad Destination:  Sierra Buttes, California

We are running behind on visiting new areas.  So I am bringing to you places that I have visited in the past.   In many cases, I do not have photographs to post so bear with me.  However, these spots are just as special now as they were in the past.  You will have a little less information prior to exploring these spots.  

At the northern end of Highway 49 is a pot of gold known as Sierra Buttes.  This was one of my favorite spots in the Sierra's when I lived in California during the 1970's.  It has been well over 35 years since I have been at Sierra Buttes.  I am sure that the mountains are still as beautiful as they were 35 years ago.  I am sure that there are more people now than then.  The Buttes are still worth the visit.  So go and see for yourself and comment here on the blog on what I missed the last 35 years.

To bring up this map do a Google Earth search on Sierra Buttes, California.

As you can see from the Google Earth image there are lots of lakes, lots of photo points, and lots of trails to explore.  When I was there the fishing was outstanding.  I camped at Lower Salmon lake, driving my little red two-wheel Datsun pickup down the road.  On the way out I noticed a sign stating 4-wd only.  I do remember parts of that road.  Not sure I would drive it again with a 2 wheel drive vehicle!  Wisdom of age?

For such a pretty area information on the web is hard to find.  There are Forest Service campgrounds with prices at $17 to $21 a night without discount passes.  Spurs are all in the 30 foot range so if you are long it might be difficult to find a spot.

Sierra Buttes is a great place for short day hikes or overnights.  If you are interested in trying backpacking this is a good area for a first trip.  Here is the link for trails in the area:  Sierra Butte Trails.  Zoom in on the map for a better view of the trails.

There are lots of lodges and "rustic resorts" in the area so you can get supplies or dinner.  We have no recommendations since it has been 35 years!  It is 1500 miles from our house to Sierra Buttes.  We will get there next or soon thereafter.

If your in California drive up Highway 49 and take the turn north to Sierra Buttes.  See if you can find your "pot of gold".   Be sure to post your comments on this blog.

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