Friday, September 24, 2010

Pearrygin State Park, Winthrop, Washington

Well, this does not look like the typical boondocking spot with all the lawn and picnic table.  However, Pearrygin State Park Pearrygin State Park is a pretty full service state park just a couple of miles north of Winthrop.  We covered Winthrop earlier this year in the blog  Chewuck River.  That blog entry covered all the boondocking sites up the Chewuck River which is just a few miles north of the state park.

Here is map that shows all the boondocking locations on the Methow Valley Ranger District.Methow Valley Ranger District Boondock Locations.  Remember this map is six megs in size.  Pearrygin Lake is shown towards the bottom of the map.  So if your looking for boondocking locations there are plenty around the area.

If your looking for full hookups the cost is 28 dollars a night.  Half-price for those with a state parks disabled permit.  Here is a typical campsite.  This is unit 96 in the west half or the older campground.

Our recommendation is to avoid the state park between the last Saturday in April (fishing season opener) and Labor Day.  Just across from the state park is a commercial RV park:  Silverline Resort.  You can see the resort just across the lake at the top of this blog entry.   It is a popular place since there are so many things to do in a very small area. 

This trail is fairly typical of the trails in the area.  For most trails you need one of the federal national passes or there is a five dollar fee per day for parking at the trailhead.  You can use more than one trail a day for the five dollars and you can also buy extra passes keep them in the glove box and date them when you use them to access a trail

So if waterfalls, lakes, or mountain tops are your favorite trail destinations there is a large variety of trails to chose from in the area.  Plenty of easy trails and very difficult trails.

Do NOT attempt to hike the Easy Pass Trail unless you are in great shape and ready for a challenge.  However, the view from the top of the Easy Pass Trail is one of the great viewpoints in America.  Only four miles and 4000 feet straight up.  Complete story here:  What's in a Name?

In the previous blog entry we talked about the small town of Mazama.  Well, just past Mazama is a one lane road that leads to Hart's Pass.  Check with the Methow Valley Ranger District to make sure the road is open.
Here is the information on Hart's Pass and wildflowers in the area.  Hart's Pass.

Now you need to be forewarned on Hart's Pass Road.  The Forest Service has been fixing the road for years.  I first drove it in the late 1970's with my little red Datsun Pickup truck and wended my way through the rocky roadbed.  It has now been repaired that sedans can drive up the road.

What has not changed is the 3000 foot drop off the edge of this one lane road at Deadhorse Point.  No guard rails to mar the view.  Tioga George said it was the only road in the United States that scared him.  I took a National Park Service Ranger down the road and as he looked out from the passenger seat and saw only air I saw him visibly blanch.  So if your scared of heights pass on this road.  No trailers for obvious reasons.  There is a nice tent campground up high and lots of trails including the PCT for hiking.

We have had many posting on this special area around Winthrop. Winter is coming soon.  Both Hart's Pass and Highway 20 get snowed in fairly early.  Highway 20 reopens in late April or early May.


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