Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Black Butte Lake, Orland, California

Backroads Destination-Black Butte Lake, Orland, California

We pulled out of the Valley of the Rogue State Park on a foggy day.  The fog held with us all the way until Weed.  However, the good news is that pass into California was clear, but foggy. 

Our destination was Buckhorn Campground on Black Butte Lake managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers.  Last night we were alone in the campground.  Tonight the population has tripled!!  This on a holiday weekend and just eight miles west of I-5.  The campground is a little tight and by the look of things it is VERY busy during the summer months.  The campground has hot showers, but no hook-ups.  The price with the Golden Pass is $6 per night.  That can buy a lot of gas for the generator.

The campground has good cell service with Verizon and the internet connection through the cell phone is fairly good.

The fog showed up Sunday morning so we just headed over the Clear Lake to have lunch with one of Susie's high school friends.  It was clear and warm in Clear Lake, though very crowded and loud.  But a nice spot for lunch outside in the sunshine at the Main Street Cafe.  Breakfast is served all day and that was my choice.

Back at Black Butte Lake we took the "interpretive" trail from the campground.  We did not see any interpretive signs, but the trail is well worth taking.  Nice hike along the lakeshore.  You can also bail off the trail and go "beach combing".  No fishing lures or other cool stuff.  Just one golf ball, but Bugaboo did enjoy swimming in the lake.

We did fry a circut breaker while camped at the Valley of the Rogue State Park in Oregon.  So this afternoon it was a trip to the Home Depot to pick up a circut breaker for only $59.95.  The Home Depot was located south of Chico in a shopping mall, just off Highway 99.  There was a laundromat, lots of places for lunch, and a supermarket (Rawley's) for groceries.  It was a worthwhile stop.  We managed to get everything done without moving the truck!

Then back to Black Butte Ranch in time for the sunset.  A glass of red wine.  65 degrees.  And at six dollars a night we might have to extend our stay!

We are camped in site 8 which is the most popular site at Buckhorn Campground.  The campground is heavily used during the summer months and it definitely is NOT a usbackroads site at that time.  However, winter with one or two campers in the campground definitely makes this a usbackroads destination.


Blogengeezer said...

A few years ago during a late fall stay at this wonderful park we stop at on every trip through the Pacific Northwest, the Deer were plentiful, eating the large acorns and peering into the doorway of the RV. Basically deserted at that time, a very large Cougar/Mountain Lion was prowling the park.

Fearless Wife, fascinated with this very large Cat, kept trying to take it's picture, while it kept moving, peering at her from behind trees in the tall grass. Never got on camera more than his perked ears and eyes...watching. My nightly walk with red LED's revealed many hot glowing red coals, Deer eyes piercing from the darkness, but no sign of the big Cat after sunset. I am sure he was watching.. me..

Vladimir Steblina said...

You might want to read the Jan. 21, 2011 posting on the trails of Black Butte Lake.

Lots of strange wildlife stories in that one.

If you have an answer for how that coyote got in that tree I would love to hear it!!