Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snoot Full Intensifier

Backroads Product-Snoot Full Intensifier

Just a brief digression from our usbackroads information.  

Has your hunting dog lost that "edge" as he's aged?  Is his nose good enough to know that birds are in the area, but no longer good enough to point them?  Does he get embarrassed when those young, whippersnapper pups run over and put up HIS birds?

Bring back those days of your dogs youth with the Snoot Full Intensifier for bird dogs.  Yes, the Snoot Full Intensifier will make your dog young and virle once again.  You will swell with pride as you watch your old dog once again, point and hold point on those wily pheasants.  Chukers will once again quit running when they see your dog with the Snoot Full Intensifier.  We do recommend caution when hunting Chukers; the nose might still be willing, but please be sure that your dogs legs are still functioning!!  And Quail, well no longer will your dog be confused with a covey snoot full of scent.

Well, the Snoot Full Intensifier will also help that young puppy focus on the scent.  Yes, the scent will be much stronger and you will fill with joy as your pup "freezes".  The Snoot Full Intensifier will also slow down your pup as they work heavy cover.

Wow, is that a point.  I bet that dog is getting a "snoot full scent" of the bird buried under the snow!  Sometimes when the flush occurs you will not even have to fire your gun as the bird flies right up your dog's nose!

Maybe, you let your wife and kids pick your next hunting puppy from the litter.  Yes, what does it matter?  They all came from the same blood stock.  It is a crap shoot when you pick a puppy anyway.  So is that why your dog just lays around belching and farting throughout hunting season?  Maybe that cute personality is just a cover for an inadequate nose.  Well, you can boost that dogs skills by simply using the Snoot Full Intensifier in the field.

Your dog will become so intense when hunting that you might want to consider getting a "good citizenship collar" to complement the Snoot Full Intensifier.  Yes, once your dog gets that intense bird scent you will appreciate the ability to reach out and touch him at a 100 yards.

So now for a limited time you too can purchase the Snoot Full Intensifier for your bird dog.  Price is only $19.95 plus shipping and handling.  But act now since quantities are very limited and dependent on how more surgeries our dog will require this year.  The Snoot Full Intensifier don't go hunting without it!


Anonymous said...

The snoot full intensifier is one of the funniest things I've seen.

Gotta get one NOW!

You are missing your calling. You should be an ad writer! :D

Vladimir Steblina said...


Bugaboo deserves all the credit.

After his surgery I took him out to go pee. First thing he does is go on point with his conehead.

From there the story was easy to write.