Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fishing the Lower Colorado River

Backroads Information- Fishing the Lower Colorado River

The lower Colorado River has great fishing the Grand Canyon downstream.  At Lake Mead giant stripers cruise the waters providing cheap thrills and great tasting fish. 

When I worked at Lake Mohave the waters from Willow Beach up to the base of Hoover Dam had giant trout in the teens feeding on fish that went through the turbines.  These trout generally measured in the teens, pounds that is rather than inches.  It looks like those days are gone, but I am sure that a few of those fish still survive today.

Lake Mohave also has bass, crappie, and giant carp in addition to the trout.  The surprise for me was the catfish.  Now in most places catfish is a bottom feeder and has a muddy taste reminiscent of the Mississippi River.  At Lake Mohave, the catfish fin in clean, clear water and taste great.  I forgot about fishing for bass or trout.   Those catfish went from the boat to the frying pan in a hurry.

There are plenty of places to fish along the lower Colorado River.  If you're a resident of either California or Arizona just get a state license and a Colorado River stamp and your good to go as they say.

For non-residents it is a bit tougher.  California non-residents fishing licenses are $116.90 for a year and the Colorado River stamp adds another $3.09. 

If you're a winter resident only the Arizona four month license is a deal for 39.75 and includes the trout.  The Colorado River stamp for fishing in California is only $3.00 for a total cost of 42.75 for four months.

Now for the lower Colorado River this is a real deal since you can fish from shore in California or Arizona.  You can also fish the following areas:  Mittry Lake, Senator Wash Reservoir, Squaw Lake, Martinez Lake. 

With a California license you can fish West Pond and the All American Canal. or the Gila Gravity Canal.  

With a Arizona license you can fish the Gila Gravity Canal and Fortuna Pond.   Fortuna Pond has trout and your four month license includes the trout stamp.

So if your tired of golf break out the fishing rods and plan a catfish fish fry!!

If you want FREE fishing spots here is how to find them:  Free Fishing Spots

We have left Phoenix and are headed for Portal, Arizona.  But we have first made a stop at the Escapees Park in Benson, Arizona.  We will spend a few days here and then head for Portal.

Here is a picture of the Andromeda Galaxy taken from Phoenix.  


Dugg said...

Since the Gila Gravity Main Canal is entirely in Arizona, it seems a bit odd that you can fish it with a California license...

Vladimir Steblina said...

Thanks for catching that. I have corrected the blog.

Must be another sign of advanced age!

Jerry said...

The lakes east of Phoenix are also great for catfish, Lake Roosevelt is the best. Also many rivers have catfish, the Verde is good, also the San Juan near Bluff UT.