Friday, February 11, 2011

Hidden Shores Village, Imperial Dam Road, Arizona

In the same area as Senator Wash and Squaw Creek Campground is Hidden Shores Village.  This RV and summer home development is under permit from the Bureau of Land Management.  The development is right next to Imperial Dam itself.

If the wide open spaces of Senator Wash do not appeal to you or the lack of services at Squaw Creek Campground.  Then maybe Hidden Shores Village is the ticket.

The Village has a pool, small store and restaurant.  There is a boat launch and a small 9-hole par three golf course for guests that is free of charge.  It does appear to be a popular place so getting a place to stay is probably best done sooner than later. Here is the Google Earth view of the place.

You can see how close the sites are next to each other.  But notice the golf course, sandy beach, and boat launch.  Here is the link to Hidden Shores Village

We stopped and had lunch here.  I took a look at the little par 3 golf course.  Rather small, but the price is right.  It is free if you stay here.

There was one other attraction for us.  I noticed on the store and pool area that all the outside lights were shielded.  I asked at the store and the lady said that there are NO lights in the area at night.  So this should be a wonderful place for star-gazing at night and is enough to get my seal of approval.

However, has anybody stayed here that can confirm this statement?  I know that DAM areas tend to be fairly well lighted so while the RV park might be dark, the BOR might have pretty strong lights around the dam.

We intend to come back and stay awhile in this area.  Probably at Senator Wash LTVA, but we might spend sometime at the RV Park for that little golf course and quick and easy access to fishing.
Our next posting will be fishing on the Colorado River.  Things you need to know.  Wish I had known this before we drove down from Washington!


Dugg said...

Most nights are clear, relatively warm, and the lack of trees provides a virtually unobstructed view of the entire sky.

The only fly in the astronomical ointment comes from light pollution from the nearby Army Proving Ground to the east and the city of Yuma to the south. Lighting at the dam is actually quite subdued.

Vladimir Steblina said...

Thanks. We probably will be staying at Senator Wash in the future. Susie likes the ideas of hook-ups in the campground.

I forgot about the lights from the proving grounds. I assume the glow is not that bad.