Friday, March 11, 2011

Boondocking at Thousand Trails, Cottonwood, Arizona

boondocking site off Highway 260 and Thousand Trails Road, Prescott National Forest

Boondocking at Thousand Trails, Cottonwood, Arizona

We were planning on spending a week in the Sedona and made a reservation for a week at Thousand Trails Campground in Cottonwood.  Sure it is expensive, but we wanted to live it up before we started heading through Nevada.  From the Google satellite photo it looked like a nice location.

Susie went to the doctor on Monday and found out that there appears to be a reaction to her ankle prosthetic.  She has an artificial ankle that has worked well for almost seven years, but now there appears to be an allergic reaction.  The news was head home and see many doctors.  In the meantime, take two showers a day and clean and bandage the area.

We decided to head for Thousand Trails for a couple of days anyway since we needed the water hook-ups.

We found out the Murphy lives at the campground.  We got to the campground and found out 1) the heated pool  and lodge is closed due to "cold" temperatures.  2) the Wi-Fi is only available at the store.  3) no cable TV.  This was a disappointment but we can handle it.  Nothing is perfect.

After setting up in  A section a slip of paper falls out of our registration packet.  In A section, your water will be turned off for the entire day and night for repairs.  Wait, the only reason we stayed here is for the WATER!!  I just got the fresh water tank filled just before the water was shut-off.  Then the electrical service decided to work for awhile and then not work for awhile.   So for $37.50 we get a boondocking site!!

When I complained paying $37.50 for a boondocking site I got to hear that the electrical was fixed last fall and that was that.  I guess they did not want to hurt the electrician's self esteem by asking him to fix it again.  They did not seem to think it was odd to charge $37.50 for a boondocking site.  Everybody said the manager would talk to us, but I guess he is too busy to talk to his guests.  UPDATE:  The manager showed up as we were pulling out and apologized.  Thanks.  But we still paid $37.50 for a boondocking site.

I should have asked if the camping fee included the services mentioned in their web site!!  Don't make that same mistake!!

But the good news is along the same road to Thousand Trials  (I think they should change their corporate name) is a boondocking site managed by the Prescott National Forest complete with host with a 14 day stay limit.  Now that's a good deal.  From Highway 260 from Camp Verde heading into Cottonwood turn at the sign for a Thousand Trails and in less than a 1/4 mile from the highway turn left here.

 Friendly host.  And hey, you own this land!  It is yours to use and enjoy.  Any size rig will fit in the area.  No water or toilet.  Just a flat place to park with a great view.  

In wet weather it looks a little slick, but it is a short stretch of road to the pavement.

 From the camping area it is less than a mile to the Verde River.  Heading towards Cottonwood three miles will get you to a Super Wal-Mart and Fry's Grocery Store with  diesel at the station.  Their loyalty card will get you a 10cent a gallon discount.

For more information on Sedona see our posting from last year.  For us, we are headed north through Nevada on Highway 93 then west to Wenatchee.  The forecast shows snow flurries along the route.  Spring must be around the corner.

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Dugg said...

My goal with my new 5er is to never stay at an RV park. Really appreciate the great boondocking places you find!

US 93 passes thru Ely, where I'll be in May. Please find me a good place there :)