Friday, March 18, 2011

Ely to Jackpot, Highway 93, Nevada

Boondock Destination--Ely to Jackpot, Highway 93, Nevada

Montana is Big Sky country, so this means Nevada must be Sun and Sage Country.  There is plenty of both  of both in Nevada.  Leaving Ely we started heading north to Jackpot.

Now Jackpot has always been one of those places that I knew I would visit again.  In 1978, leaving the Park Service job at Lake Mead and heading to the Idaho Panhandle to work for the Forest Service I passed through Jackpot.  I looked forward to seeing it again, but that is the subject for tomorrow's blog.

We kept heading due north through McGill and then the towns just stopped except for Wells,  Yes, there is a whole bunch of country without very many people.

Then we hit the Schellbourne Rest Area.  It was a great stop for several reasons.  Here is the sign that gives the history of the area.  But also Nevada Rest Areas allow you to stay there for 18 hours.

So as an overnight stop the Rest Areas out in the middle of somewhere are definitely an option.  In Schellbourne there is a bar and motel across the street for liquid refreshment.  This is Nevada, were you expecting a church??

People forget that Nevada was the state with gambling and prostitution and NO speed limits.  Of course, the Federal government could not stand the lawlessness and finally came down hard on Nevada and forced them to set a speed limit.  So 75 MPH it is.

Meanwhile, the rest of the states legalized gambling and escort services!
Why do I miss the good old days?  Must be age-related.

Schellborne is also famous for another reason.  Remember our blog posting on the Butterfield Stage Coach.  
Yes, these folks the Pony Express, put the Butterfield Stage Coach out of business.

Bugaboo ran around and tried his best to get the Pony Express rider to play with him.  He got down on his front paws and wagged his tail.  No response.  He even tried a few playful barks, but again no interest.  So after a bit we just started driving north again.

Shaded tables.  This country must get hot in summer.  Next stop.....return to Jackpot.


Jerry said...

That's a really interesting area, Great Basin National Park is worth exploration, maybe on skies sometime. Wells is interesting, a truck stop and two brothels, I didn't notice any churches.
I hope the ankle is better.

Elizabeth said...

My dad grew up just south of jackpot, nv. has a lot of information if you ever wanted to talk to him.