Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jackpot, Highway 93, Nevada

Backroads Destination--Jackpot, Highway 93, Nevada.

I first went through Jackpot sometime in the 1970's.  I distinctly remember the one room, wooden shack that passed for a casino.  After a long drive across Nevada running in to that shack was another reminder how far apart communities were in Nevada.

Then sometime later in the late 80's or early 90's I started receiving packets of information about time-shares in Jackpot.  The new airport.  Of course, the casino's and night life that went along with it.  It was then that I decided I needed to return to Jackpot.  It was one reason that we chose 93 rather than I-15 for the dash home on this trip.

Well, there is more than one casino in Jackpot now.  We counted three, but we were not counting very hard.  I almost tried the Siberian Tiger slot machines because of my 1996 Forest Service trip to Vladivostok to save the Siberian Tiger.   Since organized gambling is a tax on people who never had a statistics class we passed on the gambling.

However, we were quite willing to try the seafood buffet for $20.  After our fond memories of brunch at Win-River Casino in Redding, California.  Well, Nevada is not the place for seafood as most of it was overcooked.   Guess we should have stayed with the roast beef and potatoes part of the dinner buffet. I suspect we will continue our tour of casino dinning places in the future.

Here is the free boondocking at the Casino.  Notice that it is right next to the upper campground.  There were trucks in here at all times and it was crowded.  I suspect you will hear the truck noise boondocking here.  We suspect you will be able to access the free Wi-fi from the Casino, since we were able to do it next door in the campground.

We paid $18 for the campground spot.  This included access to an indoor pool and spa.  However, given Susie's rash we would have cleared out the entire pool and spa area if we had showed up.  Electricity and a sewer hookup at the campspot, but the water was turned off!!  However, the campground manager was kind enough to make two trips in his golf cart so that we could fill our fresh water tank.  Even though the wi-fi was only in the cafe, we were able to connect in the upper campground.

There is also a quieter lower campground unit some distance from the Casino.  This was where the potable water hookup was and the bathrooms and showers.  The manager stated that there was no wi-fi available at the lower unit, but we did not try to confirm.  If you have dogs there is a field next to the upper unit that makes it handy for larger dogs.  The lower unit is totally fence in with only lawn.

This is the upper unit campground with pull-through sites.  Level and easily accessible.

There are three casino's in town but only one small grocery store.  So I would plan on shopping in Twin Falls or Ely instead of Jackpot.  But hey, since those days of boarded up shacks Jackpot now has a stoplight.  Rapidly moving out of the ranks of backroads status!!
Next stop, Idaho.

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Jerry said...

If you want that old wooden shack casino experience it's still available at McDermitt, NV on highway 95 at the Oregon border. The town is two run down casinos and two gas stations. Plenty of room there to set up the trailer. The highway is very nice, and after entering Oregon the road splits, one fork to Boise, the other to Burns, Oregon.