Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snake River, I-84 and Highway 201, Oregon and Idaho

 Backroads Destination--Snake River, I-84 and Highway 201, Oregon and Idaho

After Jackpot we were looking for another stop about 200 to 250 miles.  I focused on the Snake River area that forms the border between Idaho and Oregon.  We looked in the Passport America Guide and found two RV parks in Huntington, Oregon.  Now if you click on the Wikipedia link for Huntington, Oregon you will find that it was once famous ........ "as "Sin City", a rugged frontier town having its share of saloons, Chinese opium dens, and gunslingers."   In 1912, the Governor of Oregon sent in the "troops" to clean-up the town.  He must have done a good job since in 2011 all we found were a couple of catfish fisherman.

The two RV parks were similar and we chose the Oasis RV Park simply because they had the WATER TURNED ON!!!  Our campsite faced the Snake River.   There were only three or four other RV's in the park.

What we did not realize is that right next too the RV Parks was a BLM boat launch area.  The stay here is limited to 14 days and I suspect it might be very popular during summer and fishing season.  This is where we encountered the infamous catfish fisherman.

This is Oregon Trail country.  Farewell Bend State Park, Oregon is where the settlers left the Snake River for the difficult traverse of the Blue Mountains.  The state park keeps 10 sites open through the winter season with electrical and water hook-ups for $17 a night.

If you are traveling in this area be sure to stop and visit the National Oregon Trail Interpretive Center managed by the BLM outside of Baker City, Oregon.  This is worth a stop.  Oh, and here is how the Blue Mountains got their name.

We have posted previously on Anthony Lakes which are close to Baker City.  There are lots more stuff going on this corner of Oregon and Idaho.   Hopefully, we will get the chance to return this summer to explore more of this corner of the west.  But do not wait for us.  Go it is some of the best backroads country around.

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