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Omni-Heat Jackets Columbia Sportsware

Backroads Products--Omni Heat Jackets Columbia Sportsware

Last summer I wrote a couple of articles on clothes (Over Garments ) and mentioned my fondness for Columbia Sportsware products.

UPDATE:  Winter 2012.  Well, I am still impressed with the omni-heat jacket.  So much so that on our trip to the southwest we stopped at Columbia store and purchased two more jackets.  So now I have a nice green and grey omni-heat for those occasions when camo just will not do!!  The store also had great omni-heat vest, but unfortunately it only came in the women's sizes and in powdered blue color.  It was the color that kept me from going there.  

The company was kind enough to send me their new jacket line for my review.  It was the Columbia Men's Omni Heat Wader Widgeon Parka for duck hunting.  When I saw the jacket my heart fell since it is a vapor barrier product.

Vapor barrier products have had a long history in the outdoor area.  One company, Warmlite, has made quality vapor barrier products for years.   However, I never did use  their products

Now I have used my "own" vapor barrier products like baggies over wool sock, when working in snow and rain to keep my feet warm, but wet.  And even once or twice I have cut arm holes out of a large garbage bag to wear in a sudden rainstorm.  I have also worn "vapor" barrier rain gear laying out timber sales.  This is sort of like wearing a sauna under your clothes all day long!

So I was a little concerned when the jacket turned out to be a vapor barrier product.  However, this is not the old fashioned vapor barrier jacket of the 60's and 70's.  The Columbia website has additional information on the science behind the product, but be forewarned that the site is heavy on flash so be sure you are on a fast connection.  The jacket is a partial vapor barrier so moisture is wicked away and heat reflected keeping dry and warm.

The jacket came in two pieces.  A inner liner complete with omni-heat zipped into an outer jacket.  The two jackets came in fashionable camo complete with shotshell loops and feeder on the outer jacket. 

I have worn the outer jacket rarely.  It is designed for waterfowl hunting and is great for rainy weather.  Well, in eastern Washington rain is just not on the agenda.  So while I have worn it for brief rain showers,  I have not had a chance to wear in a downpour.  I am not a fan of the shotshell loops, however, the shotshell feed tubes on this jacket are great.  They work!  This is the way to carry shotshells in a jacket.  The jacket comes with an integral cap and hood that is removable.  This works well, and my daughter, the snowboarder, highly recommends this setup for extreme weather.

The inner liner, however, has become my favorite jacket for all conditions under 60 degrees.  I have worn it in 30 degree rain on snow pheasant hunting trip that was miserable.  The jacket stayed warm and dry.  Blowing snow at ZERO degrees was very comfortable.  The jacket cuts the wind and keeps you warm.  It is a great jacket.

If your into the outdoors you should check out the omni-heat products.  I am going to try the gloves and cold weather boots.

If you are one of those people that is ALWAYS cold give one of the omni-heat jackets a try.  You will appreciate finally being warm!!   There are lots of styles available.  So look around for a jacket or style that meets your needs. 

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