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How to Fish Good Part Two--Where

How to Fish Good Part Two--Where

This is where the good stuff is found.  Yes, where to fish is the stuff of secrets, stories, and sleuthing behavior on the part of fishermen.  Where to fish has two components.  One is the lake or river and the other is where to fish in that lake or river.

I can write a book on how to find good lakes and streams to fish.  But the easiest way to find the best fishing lakes is to read the fishing regulations.   First, check the opening date and fish that.  See the previous blog entry Part One on why that is important.

Second, check the fishing regulations for limited limit lakes.  Today's fishing pressure is so intense that most places literally get fished out.  Those lakes and streams limited to catch and release or one or two fish limits have the best fishing.  When I worked on the Kelly Creek Ranger District in 1972 the fishing was poor, even though to reach the Ranger Station was a 50 mile drive on a dirt road.  It was that year that Kelly Creek went to catch and release regulations and within four or five years people were catching 22 inch Cutthroats with 50 fish days.  The good old days were back, if you were willing to throw all your fish back.

So there it is.  If you want to catch and eat fish.  Fish the openers or soon after.  If you want to catch fish later in the season or larger fish you will have to seek out the limited kill lakes and streams.  Catch and release works.

Now there are exceptions to the rule and you can find those lakes.  Believe me the effort is not worthwhile.  There are only a few of them and once discovered they are quickly fished out. 

Where to fish in a lake or stream?  Temperature is always important.  If there is a spring or creek entering a stream check the temperatures.  Those are natural places for fish to gather.

In ecological systems everything happens on the edge.  See this post "Living on the Edge".  Well, fish are no different than mammals.  They live on the edge.  Look for shallow water next to deep water.  Look for vegetation pockets next to clear areas.  You just have to start looking at the lake or stream from the fishes perspective.  Remember temperature is still important, it is an "edge" in itself.

Looking for an edge in fishing, means looking for an edge in ecosystems.  Lakes and streams are just ecosystems that are all wet.

Of course, if the fishing is poor there are more important things to do in camp!!  We are sure she will move on to a Lafuma RSX Padded Recliner, Marine in the future.


Next time we will talk about how to fish.

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