Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Hell of a Way to Run a Desert"

Way back in the 1980's when Salt Lake City was flooding from the mountain snow melt the mayor said "Hell of a way to run a desert!".    We were traveling through Salt Lake City and the sandbags along the street was a sight.  Well, we are back to future. 

This spring in the desert of eastern Washington has been cooler and wetter than any other spring.  Even worse than last spring!!  How could this be possible?  So we had one or two days of good weather followed by rain and clouds for a couple of days.  This has been going on since we returned in late March. 

So instead we have filled the time with tax preparation, doctors appointments, and getting the house ready for sale or rent.  All the while watching the long-range forecast.  Susie is still dealing with the rash on her replacement ankle.

Speaking of which, I did complete my required annual fire training.  Yep, forecast is for cold and rainy through June in Washington, Idaho and Montana.  The weatherman joked that fire season will start on October 24 and end on October 31st!!  I did work two days sending Forest Service crews to Arizona and fires down there.  The Horseshoe Two Fire is burning on the Coronado National Forest and in a area we covered last winter Cave Creek, Portal Arizona.  The fire has burned hot, which does not bode well for recovery in the next few years.  It will be interesting to see the affect on the bird population next winter.  Worth the trip to find out.

I did manage a couple of fishing trips.  In British Columbia we hit three perfect days in a row!!  We also went camping out in the eastern Washington desert.  See last fall's posting on Swanson Lakes Wildlife Management Area.

If you are a snooty fly-fisherman you probably fish with an "strike indicator".  See the picture below.

If you look carefully to the left of the red-wing blackboard you will see a small red "dot" floating in the water.  That is the highfaluting "strike indicator".  When I run into a fly fisherman fishing this method I always ask "So, do you have a worm underneath that bobber?...catch anything on worms?".   As they say the look you will get is priceless!

Speaking of highfaluting or not.  Here is a picture of Bugaboo with his summer hair cut.  Yeah, that tongue makes highfaluting impossible for him.  How does it fit in his mouth?

A wedding for a friends daughter this weekend.  The circle of life goes on.  Hopefully, Brad will be there in spirit and smiling on this special day for his daughter.

Then I promise Montana bound cold weather and all!!  We will start by returning to the Blackfoot-Clearwater Wildlife Area.  But we will also explore the best of city living in Montana by visiting Choteau, White Sulpher Springs and Malta.  Those are our kind of towns.

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Jim and Sandie said...

Bugaboo is lookin good. Definitely "the tongue". And welcome to MT when you get here. Be prepared for rain and flooding. The western part of the state isn't as bad as around here in Billings. But the snow melt hasn't really started yet.