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Lake Wenatchee, Wenatchee National Forest, Washington

Lake Wenatchee, Wenatchee National Forest, Washington

The Lake Wenatchee area is one of the popular recreation sites in Washington state.  It is very popular during summer months.  It is however, a year round recreation area.   The area is popular for x-country skiing and snowmobiling in the winter, fishing, camping and hiking during summer, and it is a popular hunting area during the fall.  The area is a mix of private and public lands so there are a mix of services available.

We have tended to stay away from the Lake Wenatchee area due to the cloudy weather and mosquitos .  Lake Wenatchee is close to the Cascade crest so many times while the lower Wenatchee Valley is clear and sunny the clouds tend to hang around the Lake Wenatchee area.  Then there is the mosquitos buzz.  Just be prepared and you will be fine.  Several million visitors from Seattle cannot be wrong!

Lake Wenatchee State Park is the hub for the area.  Here is their link:  Lake Wenatchee State Park.  It is a crowded state park during the summer.

Just before you enter the state park is a Forest Service campground named Nason Creek.  This campground is spread over two or three entrances and does have some sites that can accomodate larger vehicles.  No hook-ups.  Nason Creek Information.

The campground is on the banks of Nason Creek.  It is a pretty little creek with no fishing due to listing of fish stocks under the Endangered Species Act.  Yes, that is a fish trap keeping track of all those endangered fish.
There is more than the campgrounds in the area.  The draw of the area is that there is so much to do and explore fairly close to the campgrounds.

From the campgrounds you can walk to the Kahler Glen Resort Area.  There is a golf course, restaurant, and your typical resort environment.  Nice change of pace from camping.  That view down the fairway is not a clearcut, but rather the Round Mountain Fire from 1994. 

There is much to do in the area.  You can boat, kayak, or canoe on Lake Wenatchee.  The White River has some canoeing on it.  There are two great hikes just a short distance up from Lake Wenatchee.

Twin Lakes is a cutthroat trout brood stock lake within the Glacier Peak Wilderness.  There is no fishing, but the walk to the lakes is beautiful.   Twin Lakes Trail Information.

The Washington Cascades mountains hide their treasures behind miles and miles of trail access.  The best spots are all located quite a distance from any road.  However, for a short walk of just five miles you can access Spider Meadows.  If you do only one hike in the Cascades this is one of the best.   Spider Meadows Hike

For the trailheads you will need a parking pass.  They are five dollars at the Ranger Station or you Senior pass will also work.

Lake Wenatchee is one of the most popular spots in the Washington Cascades.  Just be sure to bring your rain gear and mosquito repellant!!   Here is a guide to the Lake Wenatchee Area Visitor Guide.

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