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Fish Lake, Wenatchee National Forest, Washington

Fish Lake, Wenatchee National Forest, Washington

Before reading about Fish Lake you might first want to click on this link:  What's in a Name?Well, there is a reason this lake is called Fish Lake.  It has lots of fish.  It has been always a very productive lake and was always good fishing.  Then came along the Endangered Species Act and listed the steelhead and salmon in the rivers of north-central Washington as endangered species.   Well, the Washington Fish and Wildlife Department was dumping all these trout into those rivers and with the listing it had to find a new home for all those trout.  You guessed it.  Fish Lake is the new home for all those trout.  So if you cannot catch fish at Fish Lake, well it is time to take up another hobby.

That is the good news.  The bad news is even though Fish Lake is in the middle of a National Forest access is limited.  Somewhere in the past, somebody in the Forest Service issued a special use permit to the Cove Resort.

Here is the link to their website:  Cove Lake Resort.   There are campsites, cabin, fishing boats for rent, boat launch, fishing dock and even a small store.  There is a fee for using any of these services.  If your looking for these services the Forest Service permit for the resort will let you enjoy them for a price.  If you just want access to National Forest public land you probably will not be pleased.  The Fish and Wildlife Department did call to complain about the lack of free public access to Fish Lake.  Well, those decisions made in the distant past sometimes do not look so good in 2011.  Oh well, the Resort does need to post in their web site, brochures, and entrance signs that they are under a special use permit to the Forest Service.  An oversight I am sure that will be corrected in the future.

Here are more pictures of the Cove Lake special use area under permit from the Forest Service.  Campsites do look a little cramp.

Well, if you have a small boat or camper here is my secret spot on Fish Lake.  Head up towards the Chiwawa River.  See the posting for information on the Chiwawa River Area.  As you are passing Fish Lake on the left (west side) there will be a small Forest Service road sign  Road 6402.   In dry weather, take this road and drive to the end.   Here is what you will find at the end of the road about a mile from the pavement.  This is the boat launch area.  Yes, those rocks were placed there by the Forest Service to limit to area to non-motorized boats.  So a canoe or float tube is perfect.

And here is the toilet and parking area.

There are some dispersed camping areas just before you reach to parking and launch area.  Very small sites best suited for truck campers and tents.

If you have a large rig or boat you are probably much better off at the Cove Resort.  Those with tents and canoe's will enjoy the camping on the north side of Fish Lake.  There is more to Fish Lake than just fishing.
There is a very interesting floating bog on the west side of Fish Lake.  If you have a boat head out and check out one of the largest floating bogs in the western United States.

Fish Lake is a great place to fish and camp.  And like any camp reading is one of the best activities.  We have the NookColor for reading.  However, the new Nook battery will run a couple of months and has wi-fi.  The big advantage to this book is that most public libraries have e-books that you can borrow by downloading to the Nook.  No need to return to the library, since the books will be automatically returned when the load period expires.

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