Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rocky Ford Creek, Ephrata, Washington

backroads information--Rocky Ford Creek, Ephrata, Washington

When winter decends on eastern Washington it comes complete with clouds and usually snow.  Fishing is sometimes possible by drilling holes in the ice.  However, one little desert spring creek stays at 52 degrees year round.  So it does get popular for those fisherman that do not want to drill holes.  Rocky Ford Creek is catch and release only for large trout.  You must fly fish.  Fortunately, fly fishing is an easily learned skill.

The only fish species found in the stream is rainbow trout.  They do grow to a fairly large size and are easily visible in the crystal clear water.  The fly of choice for me at Rock Ford is the Hollywood Caddis.   If you fly fish eastern Washington and Oregon or the interior of BC this is the fly pattern book you need!!  Highly recommended and yes it does have the Hollywood Caddis pattern.

Once you hook the fish you do need a method to land the fish.  Since I was without a net, Bugaboo, the "versatile" hunting dog, as he is known did show an interest in "retrieving" the fish for me.  Rainbow trout and pheasants appear to have similar attitudes towards Buggy.

There is a handicapped fishing dock.  It is a perfect spot for a picnic overlooking the pond, but be sure to bring your own chairs for sitting.  If you fish from the dock you need a long handled net to land the fish.  

There is a small "camping area" complete with an SST (Sweet Smelling Toilet) toilet.  You do need a Washington State Discover Pass or a Vehicle Pass that comes with the Washington hunting and fishing license to camp here.  Here is the link to the Discover Pass.

Rocky Ford is a great place for an overnight stay.  There is plenty of bird life to watch if your a birder.  Plenty of nice walking paths along the creek.  Here are the google earth coordinates for the camping area (47.318057 119.443874).  Rocky Ford Creek is an interesting place to visit no matter the season.  With a year round water temperature of 52 degrees it is a trout paradise on earth.   The commercial fish hatchery does detract a little from the setting, but it also provides thousands of fish to stock eastern Washington's lakes.

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