Saturday, December 31, 2011

Stupid Products for Camping that Work......

usbackroads-stupid products for camping that really work!!!

This posting is about those products that when you first saw them you said "That is really stupid"!!  Then after you used them for awhile.....well, maybe that was not so stupid after all!!

The first product is the "chair blind".  Yes, a folding canvas chair complete with cup holder that is surrounded by a pop-up blind.  Yes, I always thought I wanted a "real" blind.  However, they are large to carry and difficult to set-up.  So after thinking about it for a bit it was either going to be the "chair-blind" or nothing at all.  The picture above shows the blind set-up.  The following picture shows the blind tied to my pack on opening day of duck season.  Yes, Bugaboo was jealous of my blind and wanted in, but was disappointed when he did not get his own chair!!  They do come in doubles!

You can use the blind for hunting, photography, fishing, or just getting out of the wind!!  It was so comfortable that several times I brought a book along just for reading.  For just $79.99.

The second product is Remote Control LED Lights.  Now why would anybody want a remote controlled light.  Sounds like the CLAPPER!!  Well I bought a pack since I wanted some LED lights for the tent trailer.  I thought I would never use the remote control feature.  Well, being in my early 60's means sometimes I have to get up in the middle of the night.  All of a sudden a lightbulb went on in my head!!  I can use the remote control to light up my path to the door.  Yes, these work and you will probably find some pretty cool uses if you start thinking "outside the box".

The last item is studded snow treads for your feet. Yeah, that's right. Studded tires for your feet. Well, up at our vacation rental cabin at Camas Meadows it can get icy. On real bad days I even put on my snowshoes just to give that extra safety margin!! Well, I bought a pair of these and let me tell they are a lot more comfortable than a pair of snowshoes!! Yeah, it really looks like a stupid idea, but falling on the ice is no longer the adventure it was at an earlier age. Buy these so they run a little small. I wear a size 8 shoe, but bought a size 4-8 womens pair. The added tightness keeps them from slipping off the shoe. I use them while blowing snow and going up and down the slopes around the cabin. STUPID idea, but it works and like I say much more comfortable than snowshoes on icy ground.

So if your camped in southern California or Arizona, these make a wonderful gift for those friends you left behind in the frozen north. Let them know you are concerned about their well-being!

So those are my stupid ideas that really work. What are yours??


Pam and Wayne said...

Thanks for the tip on the's now on my Amazon wish list for the next camping season!

Russ Krecklow said...

Have a wonderful 2012, Vlad, and thanks again for sharing all the great things you post. We'll look forward to traveling along with you on the blog for another interesting year.