Sunday, January 15, 2012

Oh Lord, Stuck in Eugene again.....

usbackroads-stuck in Eugene, once again.

Well, it might not be as famous as Lodi, but here we are stuck in Eugene, Oregon.

I think the tune goes like this:  Stuck in Lodi

We came down to pick up our 5th wheel and see a few friends, buy a few things and then head further south for warmer climes.  

Well, those of that travel the open road looking for "climate that suits your clothes" know the tune.  Things got bad and then things got worse.  First, we had moisture build-up from the storage for two months.  Then the water line froze when the temperature hit 17F.  So the next night we let the kitchen faucet drip slowly through the night and woke up to water backing up through our gray water tank into the shower.  Stuck in Eugene, drying out the 5th wheel!!

We thought we were passing through just for week.  See few friends, buy a few things and then head south for warmer climes.  Then the weatherman said snow is headed your way.  The escape route to the coast is covered in snow.  The escape route down I-5 is covered in snow.  Stuck in Eugene, again.

The GPS said we were well on our way.  But somewhere along the way we ran out of dry pavement.  So it looks like our plans have fallen through once again.  And we are stuck in Eugene once again.

And you know when those roads clear we are headed down I-5 to warmer climes where the weather suits the clothes we have packed.  Where the weather suits the clothes we have packed.

So given the choice....stuck in Lodi or Eugene.  We take Lodi for the weather and Eugene for the shopping and general cool factor.  But why Lord, did you not make Eugene warm and sunny so we do not have to be stuck in the weather waiting for the roads to clear??

Stuck in Eugene.  There are worst things.  Pass the coffee and the Bailey's Irish Creme.


Anonymous said...

I laughed heartily and empathetically when I read your unique take on your trials. So sorry you are stuck, but your word play on the songs was delightful.

Here's hoping the sun comes out soon and you can flee south where the weather suits your clothes! :)

Vladimir Steblina said...

Thanks....but it does not look like the sun will come out anytime soon. The forecast now is for heavy, warm rain!! Well, we have to make it over the Siskiyou Summit at 4,500 feet into California and then we are pretty much out of the snow.

This has been a very dry year in the northwest until now. The forecast for Wenatchee (a desert) is for two feet of snow.

So I guess Eugene is not so bad.

Donna K said...

Had to laugh at your take on the song. But there are worse places. You could be stuck in Alaska with umpteen feet of snow!! Hope it clears up enough for you to make it over the pass. The road cams show the summit pretty clear this morning. Eugene can be miserable in the winter but the summers make it all worth while.

niko the wolf said...

The link goes to "Silver Wings", at least it did when I clicked on it. But anything by Merle is fine.

Vladimir Steblina said...

Whoops, Silver Wings is the next post!!

Your absolutely right....anything by Merle is fine.

Back to CCR. Coming from Berkeley in the early 1970's and wandering the bars of the Sierra Nevada's, Idaho and Montana. CCR was always on the jukebox at those places.

No Asleep at the Wheel, Commander Cody, or Gram Parsons. No it was CCR. I never have seen anybody peg them as a country band, but they were sure popular in country bars.

stillhowlyn said...

Love it...and know that campground well. Better your way, though, than when we were stuck in Eugene in need of a new radiator for the motorhome! Hurry on south...