Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On the Road.....Finally

usbackroads-On The Road...Again.

We celebrated Christmas Day on Saturday  (Orthodox Christmas) and promptly left Wenatchee to pick up the 5th wheel in Eugene, Oregon.  When I was growing up the gift giving was on December 25th, but the religious significance was on Jan. 7th.   The Orthodox Church still uses the Julian calendar as does the astronomical community since there is NO gap of 14 days when the western world switched to the Gregorian calendar.  This could explain why I have been "out of sync" my entire life.

The first order of business was to get a haircut for the dogs since the weather SHOULD be warmer farther south.

So Bugaboo got his field cut.  If you get rid of THAT tail he does look like a German Shorthair Pointer!.  Tonight a couple asked "Well, he certainly looks like a German Shorthair Pointer; what was the other half"?
The life of a purebred German Longhair Pointer, always mistaken for the indiscretions of his younger, upstart German Shorthair Pointers.

Look on the ads at the right.  Bugaboo baby carriages in England.  High end stuff.  Oh well, it could be worse to think that much of the world thinks you were named after a expensive baby carriage!!  However, Columbia Sportsware did name a clothing line after him!!  Both Bugaboo and Snowpatch were named about spires in the Canadian Rockies.  Baby carriages, oh my!

We were also concerned about Snowpatch and his "hair".  So he got a foo-foo cut while Bugaboo was getting his field cut.  The groomer, bless her heart, raved about Buggy and ranted about Snowpatch.  Well, Snowpatch does look like a....well, ah.....maybe a....I give up.  You decide.

For the past couple of nights we have witness the Bugaboo "bug-a-loo" and the Snowpatch "bichon buzz" in a 30 foot trailer.  Entertainment at a cheap price.  Ninety pounds chasing 10 pounds and then the reverse!!

So we are in Eugene drying out the trailer.  It seems the slides admitted some water into the 5th wheel while it was in storage.  Everything else works fine.  A couple of days getting ready for the trip southward.   The weather is predicted to stay sunny and somewhat warm until Saturday, which is our departure date for California.

Like I said....always out of sync.

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