Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ram Trucks--The Good Part One

There is nothing like a dog in the pick-up bed to symbolize the freedom of the open road.  Well, in Snowpatch's case it helps if the truck is not moving.  Otherwise those ten pounds would be blown all over the road.  

usbackroads product-Ram 1-ton Diesel Truck

Well, the first posting was about the bad and ugly about the Ram Truck.  However, as mentioned in that discussion I do LIKE the truck.  The previous post was about what I did NOT like about the truck.  The following two posts are what I LIKE about the truck.

I have driven trucks my entire professional life and my first new vehicle was a truck.  However, I have never been a TRUCK guy.   But I have always owned a truck since spring of 1973 and there were extended periods when I had TWO.

This is all that guy stuff about trucks.  The first is that I have always been leary about spending money on gas and what I call the junk of living.  I prefer to spend my money on big ticket items.  So gas mileage in a diesel truck??  Well, my previous Ram was a 96 gas truck that got 12 MPG.  Coming down from Wenatchee to Eugene the one-ton Ram gave mileage of 18.5 at 65 mph (our Honda Pilot is at 20 mpg).  I also did not fill up until we got to Eugene.  Towing the 30.5 foot Cameo we get 14 mpg at 55 and 12 mpg at 65. 

The rear end.  An issue that I agonized on for years.  My 96 Ram had a 4:10 rear end for towing and I hated it.  So when it was time to buy the diesel I went with the 3.73 rear end.  I am sure that the diesel mileage is much better.  I have not noticed much difference in towing ability.  I do think the 4:10 feels more positive at take-off, but towing down the road there has been no noticeable difference.

The exhaust brake!!!  This is a clear winner.  I would never, ever buy another truck without an exhaust brake.  I have pulled over on mountain roads whenever I have noticed brake fade.   There are some spectacular, scenic places to die in the west by having your brakes fail.  I want to die like my father.  In bed, asleep. 

Towing downhill with the exhaust brake is a dream!!  Set your speed, set your gear and cruise on down and a safe and sensible speed without touching your brakes!!  At Camas our road drops over 2500 feet in under three miles.  No more brake jobs for this kid!!

Clearly, the best part of the Ram truck.

The truck also has a turbo.  I suspect that is how the exhaust brake works, but read the manual.  The turbo kicks in and the truck moves out rather quickly.  It is a one-ton truck, but sometimes just for giggles it is fun to floor it!

On the rear bumper there is a seven pin AND a four pin plug for lights.  No more looking for adapters for the lights!!  What a brilliant idea!!  This is worth a LOT on money in traffic tickets and just general aggravation in life.

The truck steers and holds the road well for such a big (it is 21 feet long) and tall truck.  I did floor it once while rounding a corner and that was NOT a fun experience.  It is big and not a sports car or one of those little red 1/4 ton pick-up trucks so drive it like a bus.

The other fun part about owning such a large rig is driving up behind a Prius until you totally fill their rear window.  From end to end all they can see is grill work.  Of course, I quickly use the turbo to whip around them so they can read my bumper sticker.

This vehicles carbon emissions are off-set by my solar house.


niko the wolf said...

Interesting that "The Good Part Two" appeared before the "The Good Part One" :-))

niko the wolf said...

Did you notice that "The Good Part Two" appeared before "The Good Part One" :-)

Vladimir Steblina said...

Yes, I did. However, it was easier to publish than to switch and fix.

Normally, I write and publish after a couple of glasses of wine. So this was NOT totally unexpected.

niko the wolf said...

Off subject. I know that if I use one of your Amazon links to buy a product you have displayed that you recieve/receive (I never know which) some small compensation.

What if I use you link and buy a different product? Do you still get some compensation. If so, I will do my Amazon shopping thru your page.

Vladimir Steblina said...

Yes, I get credit for anything accessed through the usbackroads site. Thanks for your support.

I really appreciate it.