Monday, February 6, 2012

Leaving Black Butte Lake, Orland, California

usbackroads destination--Black Butte Lake, Orland, California

We measure the time at Black Butte Lake by how long it takes to fill up the holding tanks.  We went ten days without dumping the tanks, however, it was nip and tuck there for several days.  Thankfully, the campground has a shower and bathrooms.  Sunrise at Black Butte a forest fire without the smoke.

The weather for this stay was partly cloudy and cool.  There was almost always a slight breeze from the north and though the temperatures were in the 60's that breeze made wearing a fleece vest from Columbia Sportsware, of course, advisable.  The skies had a high haze most nights so the telescope did not leave the storage area unfortunately.  We hope for better luck at Coarsegold.

We started riding the electric bicycles and there appears to be a learning curve on how to best conserve battery power.  Going slower does not seem to make that much difference, but we will do further investigations.  The bikes with gears are 24 speed and add to that the 4 speed electric assist and your at a 96 speed bike.  Another 96 for generate mode!!  Anyway, I am sure that lots of those gear overlap.  So we will spend some time learning the best gear for pedaling and the best gear for assist.  A more complete report will be coming in a few weeks.

The other project at Black Butte Lake was this picture.  I took it as I was bicycling thinking it was just a throwaway picture so just shot it in JPEG.  Well, after looking at the picture I decided that I liked it.  So I kept going back to get a RAW image with similar light.  I think I might have finally gotten a decent light, but we will see it turns out after processing.  It might be time to switch all my pictures to RAW, but they are much larger files and more difficult for this blog.

The Army Corps of Engineers were busy building trail bridges and new trails outside of Buckhorn Campground.  So we are looking forward to riding some of those new trails next year.  The heavy rain made the trails way to soft for riding this year.

In Orland, be sure to stop at the Farwood Bar & Grill.  Fantastic hamburgers and if you are a senior there is a FIVE dollar buffet between 11:00 am and noon everyday of the week.  Good food, good service.  No waiting.  Farwood Bar & Grill

In Chico, we waited in line for a half hour for breakfast at the Sins of Cortez.  It was worth the wait for breakfast.  They are serve lunch.  No dinners.  Here is their web site:  Sins of Cortez.

The bakery and Portugese restaurant mentioned in last years blog entry, have both closed.  A loss.  We were so looking forward to the cinnamon bread!!

Well, we packed up the trailer, hooked up, and started pulling out.  At this point, Bugaboo woke up in the back seat and started looking around.  I think he suddenly realized that the trailer was behind us and we were leaving Black Butte Lake.  He started whinning.  I think he wanted to stay.  So far, this was his favorite spot.  We were camped alone for most of the ten days and it is definitely one of our favorite places in winter.

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