Friday, February 10, 2012

Sasquatch and Yosemite Valley

usbackroads information--Sasquatch and Yosemite Valley

We took the electric bicycles to pedal around Yosemite Valley instead of driving the truck.  Great call.  We went to Mirror Lake and over to Happy Isles, but unfortunately we could  take the bicycles up the John Muir Trail to view Vernal and Nevada Falls.  Then back over to Yosemite Falls for a quick lunch and peak at the Ansel Adams gallery next to the visitor center.

However, the excitement of the trip was discovering proof that Sasquatch lived in Yosemite Valley!!  Millions of visitors visit the Valley every year and yet nobody has noticed that the Indians have made a petroglyphs of Sasquatch and his friend the coyote.   Now I am more familer with pictographs which are painting on rocks.  There are famous pictographs all over eastern Washington.    Petroglyphs are actual carvings into the rock.

If you think about it what would the Yosemite Indians use, but the largest canvas in the valley?  How about Half Dome?  Here is my picture of  Half-Dome from the Yosemite Falls parking lot.  Can you see Sasquatch??  Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Ok, how about this picture from Mirror Lake.  You should easily be able to find Sasquatch and his faithful coyote.  

Ok, see it?  No, aw come on.  It is easy to spot once you know what your looking for!!  Here try this picture.

There you can't miss him NOW!!  Wow, what an amazing discovery.  Here it is for years viewed by millions of people that never "see" Sasquatch.  For more on the art of seeing in the outdoors see this blog posting.  Art of Seeing in the Outdoors.

I was going to wait until April 1st to post this scientific discovery, but the first poster in science gets all the credit.  So here it is in February, instead.


Shawn said...

awesome! i knew we'd find him there.

Donna K said...

Now that's pretty cool. Have you contacted National Geographic? :)

Anonymous said...

Dude! Did you see the Loch Ness monster in Tenaya lake, also?

Anonymous said...

Crap - that was me - arch.....cheers!

Vladimir Steblina said...

I did NOT see the Loch Ness monster in Tenaya Lake.

However, years ago I did see the underwater forest at Tenaya Lake and wondered how it was created.