Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bob Jones Bicycle Path, Avila Beach, California

usbackroads destination--Bob Jones Bicycle Path, Avila Beach, California

We went to the Pismo Beach Chamber of Commerce for a bicycle map.  The good news is that San Luis Obispo County puts out a great bike map.  The bad news is that there are very few separate bike trails in the county.  There are plenty of bike routes along side of the road, but the Bob Jones Bicycle Path is one of the few separate trails.  It is popular.  On weekends we were surprised to see upwards of 50 cars plus for a VERY short bike trail.

We did the trail on a weekday and there was plenty of company.  This trail also makes a great walking path.  The trail goes down through a subdivision and a golf course.  Pleasant riding.  It does end at Avila Beach.
This trailhead is just off Hwy 101 & 1.  Here is the "official" web site for the trail: Bob Jones Bicycle Trail.

The trail goes past an interpretive sign talking about the partial breaching of this dam to improve the habitat for the endangered southern California steelhead.  The sign talks about a "balance" between man's need for golf courses and the fish.  Well, under the Endangered Species Act the endangered species are to be recovered.  There is no "balance" in the law.  I am not sure how the state of California can put the endangered steelhead and a golf course on equal legal footing.  However, they were pretty proud of their sign.  I guess it is California.  It is more important to look good, than actually do good.

Then past the golf course where the golf carts have the right-of-way.  Golf must be very important in California.

We also cruised along the roadside to these boondocking spots just off the road.  Welcome, to the new California where you get charged $35 for using a roadside pull-out.  I think I will pass.  However, the bike ride along the bay is very pleasant.  Then turn around and head back to Avila Beach.

The destination is the charming little shopping center called Avila Beach.  We stopped for an ice cream at the Hula Hut for Doc Burnstein's Ice Cream.  I had the "Motor Oil" flavor which was a blend of chocolates.  It was fairly good, meeting the minimum daily chocolate requirements as prescribed by chocohlics (is this a word??).

A very pleasant way to spend a few hours.  Highly recommended for those days where a slo pace is needed.  After all San Luis Obisbo county is SLO country.

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Pam and Wayne said...

I don't know if chocoholic is in the official dictionary yet, but as someone who just ate her sixth Dove dark chocolate of the day I can attest that it is a real condition! Looks like you had beautiful weather for a bike ride!