Thursday, March 29, 2012

Red Bluff Recreation Area, Mendocino National Forest, Red Bluff, California

Red Bluff Recreation Area, Mendocino National Forest, Red Bluff, California

There is an interesting story behind how this area became part of the Mendocino National Forest.  My guess is that it once was a Corp of Engineers project and they gave the recreation facilities to the closes Federal agency that managed recreation facilities.  So this is an "odd" Forest Service site complete with paved bicycle trails and a campground with electricity and water hook-ups, but no sewer.  

Here is our review of the area in 2010:  usbackroads Red Bluff Recreation Area.  Right click and the link will open up in a new tab.  This is the current fee schedule.

Notice that the Federal Passes are accepted for the expanded amenity sites.  There must be another story behind that decision.  My read of the law is that you should get 1/2 off the camping fee and then pay full fare for the expanded amenity services.  So in this case I would price the expanded amenity sites at $17.  However, who is going to argue with $12.50!!

The campground is across from the diversion dam and as such has a slightly industrial feel to it.  Not your typical Forest Service campground.  There is also a large boat launch and parking area.

The attraction here is the walking trails.  Flat, paved with benches as rest stops.  Even if you do not camp here it is worth the visit to walk or bicycle the trails.  There is an interpretive trail complete with booklet.  

Snowpatch thought the walking trail was just the right distance.  For Bugaboo is was just a short stroll.

This area reminds you of what the central valley of California was one time in the past.  So it is only fitting that we end this posting with a black and white photo.

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