Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Durango RV Resort, Red Bluff, California

Durango RV Resort, Red Bluff, California

Driving up the "mother road for the 70's" known as I5 I kept looking at the National Weather Service forecasts for Oregon and Washington.  It looked like a week of cold, wet temperatures with periods of snow in up North.  The forecast was for rain and rain showers for all week in northern California.  The decision was made to hold up for a week while the weather worked it self out.  

We discussed camping at the Red Bluff Recreation Area managed by the Forest Service for the week, but decided that in foul weather what we really wanted was full hook-ups, solid wi-fi, and maybe even cable TV.  The bonus was that Durango RV resort has all that plus a hot tub.  

And they have a dog run within the park and just under the I5 bridge 40 acres of open space for Bugaboo to chase a ball.   Just be aware that those 40 acres are NOT fenced off from I5 so you need voice control over your dog to make sure they don't go playing in the traffic!!  Also there are a few of California's less fortunate campers staying in the 40 acres.  They were not a problem.

The park is new and the facilities well designed.  We chose to pay extra for the river view lots since they were close to Bugaboo's dog run and laundry facilities.  This is the view out our back window.  The area between the camping spur and river has lawn and is fenced.

This has been the most expensive park we have stayed in the past two years.  However, it was worth it for the amenities during a period of bad weather.   There is road noise from I5 since the freeway skirts one side of the RV park.  It is close to a shopping mall with grocery store, the town of Red Bluff, and the Red Bluff Recreation Area.  A short drive brings you to the BLM's Sacramento River Bend area that was discussed in a previous posting.

Here is the link to the RV Park:  Durango RV Resort.


Russ Krecklow said...

Yup, it's rainy up here in Oregon. Wish you were here and we were there! Enjoy, and have a safe trip when you do hit the road again.

hobopals said...

No wonder I was confused. I read the title and thought you were talking about Durango CO. I didn't remember a campground by that name and as I read on I couldn't figure out where I5 was! Good thing I went to the site and looked at their directions. Looks like a very nice place. Glad you are enjoying.

hobopals said...

Oh, I just saw Red Bluff, CA in your title. That should have been a clue, ya think? LOL

Donna K said...

Thanks for the review on the park. Have seen it in passing and wondered about it. Sounds like a nice place to stay for a few days. The sun is shining here in Oregon at the moment...ooops, scratch that, moment has passed!!

Jimbo said...

It is always good to hunker down when the weather goes bad on you. Sounds like you found a really nice park.

Rick and Lenore said...

Hi Vladimir, I just found your blog because I was looking into hiking the Sacramento Bend trails. We are in Durango RV Park right now. Are you still here?

Vladimir Steblina said...

No, we are back in Wenatchee.

Seems the government requires us to file taxes!!

That Sacramento Bend area is great. While we were there the weather was wet and windy, but the wildflowers were just starting to come up.

Don't forget to check out the Red Bluff Recreation Area. It is even closer to the park.

Carol K said...

We agree that Durango is a nice park. Another good place to stay is Rolling Hills Casino in Corning, CA. The RV park doesn't have amenities except for full hookups, but it's convenient to I-5 and costs $25/night. The casino buffet is very good and half price if you sign up for the(free) casino club.