Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

usbackroads--Dog Days of Summer

For some reason the Dog Days of Summer in my mind have always been associated with the rising of the full moon in the east at sunset.   The expression, however, comes from another astronomical event that is the rising of Sirius the dog star in the mornings of late August.   The very low humidity, warm temperatures and longer nights of August is really the start of astronomy season in eastern Washington.  The Persid meteor shower of August starts the season with a bang.

But for us the dog days of summer are really the dog days of summer.  For Bugaboo, the upland bird dog training season officially starts on August 1st and there is only 30 days until grouse open in September.  So for Bugaboo this is part of his pre-training for fall.

Now for Snowpatch there is a LOT of confusion.  Wait, what's Bugaboo doing?  Am I suppose to hold up the right paw or the left??  Hey, I need some help here.  Am I doing this right??  Seems the little white dog has more questions than answers at this point.  He does notice the quail, but also seems to have learned the cheat-grass and Bichon's do not mix well.

He might be a little white dog, but he is not stupid.  I am not sure how he managed to engineer this trade of pillows.  They both seem happy, but Snowpatch does look a lot more comfortable.

Soon Fall with its fishing, bird hunting, and clear skies for astronomy.  Must save my energy through these dog days of summer for fall!


Alan Ross said...

As the owner of a small white dog (tibetian terrior) with a brother who hunts an English setter, I am really enjoying Snowpatch' forays into hunting. Thanks

snowave merced said...

nice website.. seems like we have some similar interests!

Love the pups. we have 2 larger ones and a small poodle/terrier who thinks she's a big dog.


Terry Mooney said...

Just happened on your blog today and wanted to thank you and compliment you. My husband and I live in Christina Lake, BC and enjoy backroads camping in our small, class C motorhome. Searching for information on the areas we like has proven to be a challenge. Appreciate you observations and information. We'd love to know more about the Lake Wenatchee area. If you have a blog post, pls advise.



Vladimir Steblina said...

Here is the link to Lake Wenatchee...

Check for other blog postings for information on the Wenatchee National Forest.

I retired as the Recreation, Wilderness and Trails Program Manager for the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forests. Yes, we spell Okanogan wrong!

If you want specific information you can e-mail me at