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Wenatchee Fires--September 9th, 2012

Wenatchee Fires--September 9th, 2012

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Time:  0850

Time: 0912

Time: 1052

Time: 1052, Horse Lake Mountain

Time:  1100

Time:  1205

Time: 1231

Time: 1332

Time: 1442

1442....Update:  The fire has continues to creep down the ridge on the Wenatchee River side.  Since the main branch of the fire is down in canyon and not visible it is hard to determine how much the fire has grown.  However, compared to this morning it looks like the entire ridge has been burned and is slowly creeping down the ridge.  There is another fire in Poison Creek just east of Camas Meadows and north of Cashmere.  It is starting to put smoke up in the air.  So it looks like a smokey end to summer in the Wenatchee Valley.

Time: 1845

1845......Update.  The lower end of the fire is in fairly good shape.  Fire is at about 800 acres, with 115 firefighters and one helicopter.  The helicopter did great work and the lower end of the fire where the homes are located is in fairly good shape.  It looks like that little spot fire in the timber is getting more active and will merge into the Canyons Fire.  There are many fires in Devil's Gulch and Poison Canyon next to Camas Meadows.   Up by Manson there is another large fire.  Tomorrow's adventures??

Time:  1945

Time: 2100

September 10th

Time: 0900

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hobopals said...

I love the Wenatchee area. I hope the firefighters are able to get the fire under control quickly.

Please stay safe, and if you can keep us posted on the status.