Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Old Geezer Pheasant Hunt

usbackroads destination--Old Geezer Pheasant Hunt

There are some advantages to getting old.  Things like the Senior Pass which gives a 50% discount for camping fees on Federal land and also allows it to be used as a trailhead pass.

However, the state of Washington this year established a four day season for over 65 pheasant hunters.  Now I am not sure why over 65 pheasant hunters need a special season since they are usually the best hunters and shots.   Only the hunter needs to be a senior, the dog can be in their prime.

However, since at 62 I am only a "geezer in training" so I dragged my friend out so Bugaboo could get some hunting time prior to general pheasant season opening in a month.

I was hoping for some pheasant pictures in flight, but it was just not to be.  Those pheasants kept moving and hiding.  Bugaboo was in fine form and was Terry in good shooting form.  We end up with three birds the first day and one on the second day.

Here is Bugaboo on point and Terry moving in position for the flush.  Well, that wiley pheasant  kept sneaking towards that Russian olive in the background.  So Bugaboo went on point a couple of more times until the pheasant was suddenly faced wet feet in the marsh and took flight.  That was a successful escape, but later pheasants were not so lucky.

It was tough hunting conditions with very little humidity for good scenting.  So the flushes were quick and Bugaboo had little warning that there were birds afoot ahead of him.    It was good walking and watching Bugaboo work.

As can be seen Bugaboo got his bramble exploring done in fine fashion.  Those Russian olive thorns proved little match for 102 pounds of German Longhair Pointer.  In one pile of down branches Bugaboo locked on point and refused to budge.  The "bird" turned out to be a skunk.  Those Germans train their Longhairs to hunt fur as well as feathers.  I am not sure what Buggy expected us to do with a skunk, but the skunk knew enough to "fire" back.

Fortunately, it was just a grazing shot and we only noticed the odor when he was slightly wet.   So a few pheasants for the freezer, lots of good company and walking in the outdoors, and one close call.

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TravelBug-Susan said...

A skunk? That stinks.

Glad there were some pheasants afoot too.