Friday, November 30, 2012

Orange Grove RV Park, Bakersfield, California

usbackroads destination--Orange Grove RV Park, Bakersfield California

The rule of thumb is tow for no more than 4 hours a day or 200 miles.  From the last stop at Kit Fox it is just over two hundred miles and four hours to the next stop at Orange Grove RV Park.  One tip is from I-5 taking the Stockdale Highway just south of the Highway 58 interchange.  This will allow you to bypass most of Bakersfield.

The other advantage to the Orange Grove RV Park is that it is on the east side of Bakersfield.  Therefore, when you leave in the morning to go over Tehachapi Pass you do not have to fight the traffic to get through town.  In winter, when the fog is an issue only a few miles up the road will put you above it and headed for desert clines.

Orange Grove is a well managed, well laid out RV park.  More RV parks should be as well run as this one.  However, it is expensive at $37/ night.  At these prices we might want to spend a day relaxing rather than hitting the road early next morning.

The Buck Owens Crystal Palace calls to us, but we have not yet made this a layover day so we could visit.   I did get to spend a few days in Bakersfield coming and going from a forest fire.  An all right town on my list.  A working town, not a tourist town so don't expect find Paris Hilton walking her mini-pooch.

There is a pool, general store and other amenities to justify the price.  However, we appreciate the easy pull through sites, great traffic layout, good cable TV, and of course good wi-fi reception.  For a nighttime stop those are the important priorities.  

Here is the link to their web site:  Orange Grove RV Park.

Almost forgot.  Since you are camped in an orange grove they let you pick the oranges off the tree when ripe.  We passed through in late November and they were not quite ready.  The previous time in January they looked to be over ripe, but people were picking and so did we.  They were well worth the camping fee.  The best tasting oranges I have ever had.  Well, worth the stop if your coming through in January.  Then that $37 camping fee does not seem quite as steep.

I think Snowpatch liked the park better than Bugaboo.  Lots more small white dogs for him that large brown dogs for Bugaboo.

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Donna K said...

We stayed here last year in early December and loved it. Got some ripe oranges and they were SO good.