Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tulumn--Yucatan Pennisula, Mexico

mxbackroads--Tulumn--Yucatan Pennisula, Mexico

Tulumn is towards the end of the tourist highway so in a real sense it is where the backroads start and the tourist tend to finish up.  It is smaller than Cancun, but very crowded and busy due to the beach and the Mayan ruins just outside of town.

Our daughter rented a car here and there is large grocery store across the street from EasyWay and Avis rental that carries fairly good Chilean and Argentianian wines.

The main attraction in Tulumn is the Mayan ruins.  People drive the highway south to visit the ruins and the cruise ships at Cozumel take tour buses so it can get very crowded when visiting.   So the picture without people is the exception.  Take plenty of shade and drinking water since the ruins are out in the open.

The approach goes through a "gateway" area.  In the United States, the environmental community talks about the economic benefits of gateway communities to the National Parks and public lands.   Save the "visit" to the gateway area for the end of your tour of the Tulumn ruins.

There is a shuttle service from the parking area to the entrance.  From there you have to walk.  There is an entrance fee.  In fact, on this trip to Mexico there was an entrance fee to EVERYTHING.

Here are some pictures of the area inside the entrance gates.

The ruins at Tulumn are said to be NOT significant from a historical Mayan perspective.  Well, from my perspective ruins are ruins and visiting Tulumn is just as exciting as the significant sites.  So enjoy your visit to Tulumn!!

And if you get bored with history the beach is nearby.

Of course, the picture up top is what your going to get.  The picture below took some artful cropping to get a deserted beach at Tulumn.  However, it is a nice beach.

On the way out you might want to stop and get a Corona or some other liquid refreshment.  For food there is always Subway!

There are Mayan dancers with some interesting colors, but I am sure the Mayan's did not have the wheel!!  Oh well, always need to watch the background when taking photo's.

We also drove down the beach road south from Tulumn as Susie wanted to check out a highly rated beach restaurant.  The road was five or six miles long with one lane and typical Mexican road traffic.  Really not a bad trip.

Nice lunch spot.  A little to "special" for my taste.  I rather prefer our
little Mexican lunch spot  at a beach about ten miles north of Tulumn.

However, Tulumn is a great place to visit.  Busy and crowded, but small enough to easily get around.  Lots of tourists, but few American's mostly Europeans and Canadians.  It was more to our taste than Cancun.  I would return to Tulumn.

Book Read--Catch of the Year by Brenda Hammond.  This book was made into a movie and got good reviews.  So I found it in the new e-books in the library que and downloaded it.  If your a guy....PASS ON THIS BOOK.  If you are forever puzzled by why woman read romance novels reading this will not provide you with anymore information.   If your a woman I am not sure if this is a good romance novel or not.  It is the only romance novel I ever read and it was a struggle to finish it!!

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