Sunday, February 10, 2013

Yal-Ku Lagoon, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

mxbackroads--Yal-Ku Lagoon, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

When we first looked at the home exchange we thought it was a Akamul Beach area.  The owners of the house we traded for recommended Yal-Ku Lagoon at the end of the road in the Akamul Beach area for snorkeling.

There is an admission fee to the lagoon.  It is brackish (half salt-half fresh) water which is clear and sheltered from the wind and surf.  So a real good spot for taking kids out snorkeling for the first time.  If you are at all slightly uncomfortable being in the water this is a good place for you to try out snorkeling.  The facility is well run with lunch and beer available at a fair price.

As you can see from the picture you can snorkel by just standing on shore is viewing the fish swimming.

It does get crowded at the lagoon.  It is a developed park experience.  It even comes complete for modern art to admire.

You will be sharing an entry spot into the lagoon with other visitors.  There are steps that let you climb in and out of the water easily.

For $20 US you can rent a waterfront cabana for the entire day.  These come complete with a table and the all important hammock.  Providing shade and a great place to hang out all day.  My recommendation is to come early and grab a hammock as soon as you can!!!  Each cabana has its own entry into the lagoon.

Yal-Ku Lagoon is a great place to spend a day.  Bring your snorkeling gear and rent a cabana for the day.  Be sure to have a good book to read.  Wander back and order some lunch and maybe a beer.  Really no reason to rush around to another place.

Book Read--There is a lot of interesting stuff on ageing in the media this days.  Spinach for Breakfast by Sam Almond is an attempt to cash in on the media stories.  Short book, with little useful information but some great opinions.  Your better off going to your public library and getting some of the recent articles on Ageing in Wired magazine.  The future is better for those of "us" growing older.  

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