Sunday, March 17, 2013

Alamo, Nevada

usbackroads destination-Alamo, Nevada.

We pulled out of Bullhead City heading north, but first headed west to hook-up with I-15 and hopefully stay on it through Las Vegas.  An adventure, taking the routes through Las Vegas when your 49 feet long.

We finally felt like we were headed home after turning onto 93 north!  There is so much to love about Nevada.  The wide open spaces and bankrupt developments or maybe just on the edge.  They do know how to spend money on an entrance!!

For Bugaboo, the attraction is he can wander the highways without worrying about cars.  However, when I first drove this highway from Las Vegas to Twin Falls in 1978 I believe I saw two cars!  It was a lot more crowded today.  Had to keep an eye on Bugaboo.

I am a sucker for small towns.  Alamo is actually a fairly large town for Nevada, with a small grocery store.  A great Sinclair gas station with diesel and great access for truck and trailer.   There is a Mexican restaurant named Carlos that was suppose to be good, but we passed and instead went to "the Scoop".  This was an real ice cream place with real ice cream.  Great stop and a very short walk from the RV park.

I tried to ride the bicycle up to the hot springs five miles north of town on Highway 93, but decided that was a bad deal as there was no shoulder and the speed limit is 70 mph.

So I decided to stop at the local cemetery to pay my respects to the departed.  Lots of men in their twenties decided to check out of the earth.   There was one gentleman that was an Oakland Raider fan to the very end.  He was probably not very happy with the last decade of Raider football.

However, as always the cowboys show style even in death.

I turned around and headed backed to town and cruised the roads of Alamo.  Alamo might be a little town, but it is much bigger than many places I have lived.

The RV Park had the basic essential services.  The high point was the campground wi-fi system.  It actually ran at 3mbps!!  This is the fastest internet since we left Oregon is mid-November.  We should be back in Wenatchee and our standard 100mbps service in a week.  I am so ready.

Alamo serves as the base for exploring the BLM lands just outside of town.  We ran into a Canadian couple that have extended their stay from one day to four to explore Lincoln County.  Here is the link to the on-line resources of the county:  Lincoln County Travel Center Links.

Just south of town is the wildlife refuge that we mentioned in 2010:  Places to Camp....Las Vegas to Ely.

Next posting is on the hot springs in the area.

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