Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Augie's Quail Trail RV Park, Gila Bend, Arizona

usbackroad-Augie's Quail Trail RV Park, Gila Bend, Arizona.

Back on the road again and headed home.  We got up in Benson, Arizona and turned up the furnace.  A little less than 200 miles later we are in Gila Bend, Arizona and running the air conditioner all day and probably most of the night.  However, Gila Bend was well within our 4 hours and 200 miles of driving per day.  And who would not want to stop in a spot with such a cool name as Gila Bend.

Our choices were the RV park at the Shell Station and Augie's.   The Shell Station had good reviews:  Holt Shell Station Review by We Call it HOME.

The reviews Augie's were notas promising.  Basically really nice folks running a park with issues!  Well, the reviews are basically correct.

For $30 a night you get water, electric, and a sewer hook-up.  No cable TV and they do advertise Wi-Fi throughout the park, but I was never able to make a connection on the three computers we have with us.
For an overnight stay you are better off boondocking than paying $30 for hookups that you really don't need.

But as the reviews noted the managers are real nice.  I hope the owner pays them a good wage since it is probably the only thing keeping the park open.  Most of the park is occupied by construction workers in the area.  So spots were limited AND the RV park at the Shell Station was fully booked.

There is over the air TV with a grand total of TWO.  One is English, and one in Spanish.  The English station broadcast Judge Judy and all her legal friends, while the Spanish station had some pretty hot video's and TV shows.  I am very curious about the Mexican fascination with blondes.  Not many natural blondes in Mexico, but they are all over Mexican TV broadcasts.  AND why are Mexican stations broadcasting in the US NOT required to have closed-captions??  Some of that stuff sounded real interesting but I really NEEDED CLOSED CAPTIONS IN ENGLISH.  Where is the FCC when you really need them!!!

I picked out a campsite with a really cool sculpture of a quail.

Bugaboo just ignored the bird.  However, Snowpatch the dog that chases quail and pheasants was suddenly faced with an apparition of a quail 20 times his size.  His reaction....well just look at that tail.

And the first chance he gets.....he is off and running in the opposite direction!!  Notice the tail.

We are following Comet PanStarrs.  Here is the link to the Sky and Telescope web site:  Comet PanSTARRS.  As Sky and Telescope says "It's certainly not the spectacle we once hoped for — but it's there, and it's becoming less difficult each evening."  It is bright and easily visible in binoculars.  So look to the west in the twilight with your binoculars and see one of natures spectacles.   There might be a much brighter comet next fall, but this one is pretty nice.  If you have a friend with a telescope it looks even better.

The road continues north tomorrow.  

AND final shot of the RV park.  The Verizon tower is in the park so phone and data services are pretty good in the park.  They did slow down in the evening when everybody fired up their Verizon modems.


Chris and Caron said...

Thanks for that info. We use Holts shell to diesel up then use their free dump and water station. While you are there check out the excellent boonkdocking near Ajo. Take the highway south of town and turn right at Darby Wells Rd. Go in past the mine debris and there are sites all over in this wonderful area. The DWells road is actually a loop around the western side of Ajo out in the desert. Great hiking here too. Stay cool.

Chris and Caron said...

Check out the area west of Ajo, AZ on Darby Wells Rd. Great Boondocking and hiking.