Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wildhorse Resort and Casino, Pendleton, Oregon

usbackroads destination--Wildhorse Resort and Casino, Pendleton, Oregon

The run from Boise to Pendleton is around our 200 mile daily travel limit.  You are pretty much on I-84 all the way to Pendleton.  Baker City and the BLM Oregon Trail Center are worth a stop.  If your traveling in July and August the Anthony Lakes Area just outside of Haines is worth a steep trip up the mountain.    Here is the Forest Service link to Anthony Lakes, don't forget that steep trip UP the mountain means a steep trip DOWN the mountain.

The run between Boise and Pendleton goes through Ladd Canyon and of course Cabbage Hill.   I-84 is up high for a portion of the trip so check those mountain camera's for conditions.  The trip down Cabbage Hill is a six percent grade, but with the exhaust brake it went smoothly.

There is a truck stop right next to the Casino where you can buy a t-shirt that states that you survived the trip down Cabbage Hill.  But more importantly, it is a good place to get diesel with plenty of room.  We got here pretty late so did not explore the casino.

The campground is just under $30/night.  They do have a golf course close and offer golf packages.  Lots of sageland around the campground for walking the dog.  Here is the official link to the campground.

There is a Pendleton Woolen Mills outlet store on the outskirts of Pendleton.  You don't want to haul your RV down there.  Pendleton Wool products are very high quality and a unique western gift.  One year we did all our Christmas shopping here and the blankets also make excellent wedding gifts.  For more information click here.

Here is a picture of the pull through spurs.  They are narrow.  How narrow, well the step was on the grass and our tennis balls that we normally put on the bedroom slide to avoid bumping our heads found use next to the electrical panel!

Tight, real tight.

However, the spurs had nice grass complete with a picnic table.

Since we are not into golf or gambling this will probably remain just an overnight spot for us.  Some of the spurs are NOT level, so you might want to walk the campground before selecting a unit.

My only comment was they must have used Forest Service design standards for the campground design!!

The trip between Pendleton and Wenatchee is another 200 mile jaunt and we headed for Confluence State Park to clean up the 5th wheel and see how the homestead survived the winter.  


Carol K said...

When traveling on I-84 to and from our home in Vancouver, WA, the Wildhorse Casino RV Park is a favorite overnight stop. Wenatchee Confluence State Park is another favorite of ours, especially when we can use the off-season senior discount and camp there for $6 per night.

Vladimir Steblina said...

Confluence State Park is only a mile from our house.

We use it to clean out our 5th wheel upon returning from Arizona. It is nice in March with a mostly empty campground.