Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ash Springs, Alamo, Nevada

usbackroads destination--Ash Springs, Alamo, Nevada

This is a warm spring a few miles north of Alamo, Nevada right on Highway 93.  It is a BLM recreation site and was unsigned when we were there.  It is, however, directly across the Highway from the Shell Station.  There is a very short road from the highway to the spring.  It your towing it is simpler to park on the Highway shoulder and walk into the springs area.

Click on the picture to enlarge so you can read the "rules".

This is actually the interpretive sign for Crystal Springs which is just a bit farther north of Ash Springs, but located on private property.  It does give you a history of the area.

Here is the private property sign for Crystal Springs and the USGS stream gauging station.

But back to Ash Springs!!   Here is a picture of the upper pool and rock work.

The health and safety sign gives another set of rules.  There is also a sign recommending that people limit their stay to TWO hours.  It is a popular place so chose your visiting time carefully.  We were there on a Saturday morning and it was packed with people.  A magic spot if your the only one here.

Just north of the springs is the Pittman Wildlife area.  It is a great spot to stretch the legs and walk around the small lake.

This is the west where Whiskey is for drinking and water for fighting.  Well, at least this landowner knows that land without water is just worthless.

The cities of Las Vegas and Los Angeles have been buying water rights left and right in the west to ship their urban areas.  Not sure how they missed these 13.5 acre feet of water!!

Ash Springs.  A pretty neat area with the wildlife area and springs is worth a stop and at least a couple of hours on your trip through Highway 93 and central Nevada.

Book Read:  Outlaw: Waylon, Willie, Kris and the Renegades of Nashville by Michael Streissguth.  I am a great fan of traditional country music.  So this book seemed like a natural read.  The book is fine and focused more on the business side than the music.  A slightly boring read, if your into country music.  Otherwise a real boring read.  

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