Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Eastern Washington Fishing Season 2013 Photo's

usbackroads destination--eastern Washington Fishing Lakes 2013

Fishing season started late this year due to our delay in returning from Arizona.  So most March was spent in Arizona, rather than Washington.

The early fishing trips were to the usual suspects in the Columbia Basin.  For more information on why a desert is full of trout fishing on this link: Bureau of Reclamation and unlikely pair of Resource Managers.

As you can see by the pictures the state of Washington's nickname really does need to be changed to the Everbrown State.  Fortunately, the wet springs of the past two years were replaced by a more normal weather pattern.

May brought the most perfect weather with temperatures in the 80's and a lake at 3000 feet full of 19 inch fish.  There is nothing more perfect than sitting in your LaFuma recliner at 8:00 am in the morning with a cup of coffee and watching a mountain lake come to life in the morning.  And for early May those temperatures were very welcome.

Bugaboo is not a great fan of fishing season.  Though he did get to enjoy more fishing trips this year as his behavior is getting better.  He does have a very bad case of separation anxiety.  So he gets to sit in the truck while we fish.  Barking gets him a reminder from the "good citizenship collar", so he has developed a low, fairly quiet mournful wail.

The fishing season ends at a cutthroat lake in the basin.  Yes, I know cutts can't jump.  The scenery is pretty with the cliffs and talus slopes.  The warm weather reminds me that fishing season is pretty much over until mid-September for lakes in eastern Washington.

The fishing trips will now shift to mountain lakes with trees and much smaller fish.  Many of these require a short hike to the lakes.

So the float tube will have to placed on the back along with the rod, vest, waders, and fins.

Bugaboo gets to go along on the hikes.  Usually, he gets to park underneath a shady tree and watch the fishing.

Sometimes he practices his mournful wails while waiting for us to finish fishing.

The pontoon boat is head for storage for the summer.

All that is left are the memories of another spring fishing season in eastern Washington.

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