Tuesday, April 29, 2014

usbackroads destination--Eastern Washington Fishing Season

usbackroads destination--Eastern Washington Fishing Season

As noted in previous blog postings Washington is known as the Evergreen State.  As you can see in these photos there is NOT a evergreen tree in view!!  The desert in spring is full of trout and wildflowers.  The ticks and rattlesnakes arrive a little later in May.

A very common method for fishing is a "bobber" with a really small fly suspended just above the botton.  It is amazing how large a fish will feed a how small a fly!!  This spring day the worm and Powerbait fisherman were having a tough time.  However, if your still like a stock, anchored so you do not blow in the wind, and patient you will be rewarded with a fish.

Of course, since most fly fisherman release their fish netting the fish is not as important as the "take".  It is fairly easy to reduce line pressure and release the fish without bringing it to the net.

For Bugaboo, fishing season is a complete bore.  And soon as nesting season starts for upland birds he will be confined to forested areas until August.  However, hunting is in his blood.  Here he stood and smelled that little crack in the basalt for over a half hour.  Nothing rattled back, so I suspect it was probably a small lizard.

Fishing in eastern Washington is about lakes.  The scenery is incredible without all those pesky trees getting in the way of the views.  As a Forester, for some reason I prefer sage!!  Must be that sage takes my mind off work, whereas trees always remind me of work!!

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