Friday, June 5, 2015

usbackroads destination--Chopaka Lake

usbackroads destinatiion--Chopaka Lake, Washington

This might have been the last trip to Chopaka Lake for sometime.  The fishing seems to have stabilized at 19 inch fish and smaller.  It was just like last year.  I found this trip to be like the movie "Groundhog Day".  Everyday, was just the same with nice weather and nice fish in all the expected spots, using expected techniques.

I suppose it could have been worse.  Pleasant days with decent weather day.  After a couple of weeks of the same thing I was ready for a change and a challenge.

The road leading to Chopaka Lake is a challenge.  Actually, it is the road OUT that is the challenge.  Here are a couple of pictures of the road taken from the Loomis valley floor.

Later in the month the road was closed and you had to drive the Toats Coulee road to access the lake.  Take a good map if you do that.  You want the Forest Service Fireman's map or District map as they are called:

The Forest Service visitor map is ok, but does not show the complete maze of logging roads in the area.

There are helpful signs at the bottom of the grade.  Worth reading.  Might even been worth carrying a handheld CB!  Click to enlarge picture as always.

The struggle up the mountain gets you a fairly nice campsite IF you can find an empty site.  The lake is popular with fly fisherman particularly in the spring and fall.

BTW on the right side of the picture.  There is a cattle guard and loading chute.  That is the only spot for cell service.  So a nice walk overlooking the lake if you need to make daily calls to your loved ones.

This was the last trip for the Coleman tent trailer.  After twenty years and countless fishing and hunting trips it was sold after the trip.  The indoor shower was its best feature.  It will miss it.  Tent trailers are "messy".  Not much storage room..

The tent trailer does seem to be more roomy when viewed from the outside.

For Terry the king size bed was perfect for sleeping.

It has been years since his alarm clock, my dog Wyatt, has waked him in the morning by licking that dome.  See picture at bottom of first posting for a picture of Wyatt:

Hopefully, next time we are at Chopaka Lake, the fishing will be more challenging and we will be camped in a truck camper with a shower, of course.

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WizardsOfBling said...

My family has camped at Chopaka lake for generations and we've always taken toats coolie road- is there actually an easier route? I wish we had made it this year, and hope it doesn't get burned down.