Saturday, October 10, 2015

usbackroads destination-Hubbell Trading Post, Navajo Nation, Arizona

usbackroads destination-Hubbell Trading Post, Navajo Nation, Arizona

We pulled out of Alpine, Arizona and started heading north on Highway 191.  The early part of the drive was very scenic and highly recommended.  From Springerville, it was high desert for the rest of the trip.  Don't get me wrong.  High desert has its own scenic beauty, but I think we have been saturated with it on this trip.

We did pass Lyman Lake State Park.  It looked like a real nice stopping stop if you have a large rig or need full hookups for the night.

From here Highway 191 has it ups and downs.  Literally.  Everything bounced more than once.  Road speed was limited at times.

The scenery was high desert.  Most of the land was in private ownership so boondocking opportunites were limited.

The road headed north and the first stopping point was the Hubble Trading Post.  This site is a National Historic Site. It still operates as a trading post.  Except now, the roles of reversed.  Navajo goods are the attraction and are traded for the white man's dollar.  It is a good deal.  The items are the real "McCoy". Pricy, but the real stuff as certified by the National Park Service and the National Parks and Recreation Association.

As on all National Park Service managed lands Bugaboo just goes to sleep in the back of the truck.  Yes, the National Parks might have been America's third or fourth best idea after the National Forests and BLM managed lands, but they definitely NOT for America's dogs.  Snowpatch, has not learned this yet.  For him, hope is still in the offing.

See that little white spot in the Ram window??  Click to enlarge photograph.

The real advantage to trading posts is that they photograph best in black and white and at high noon.  

Every trading post needs a rattlesnake to give it the feel of the old west.  So I imagine the National Park Service must let out these baby rattlers every morning to give modern day visitors the feel of the old west.  Not sure where mama was hiding out.

Hubbell Trading Post is famous through western history. Well worth the stop for a few minutes of your time.  Of course, it does look better in black and white than color.

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