Tuesday, October 20, 2015

usbackroads destination--Warren Recreation Area, BLM, Pinedale, Wyoming

usbackroads destination--Warren Recreation Area, BLM, Pinedale, Wyoming

Heading north from Rock Springs we started looking for a site for the night somewhere around Pinedale, Wyoming.  We were looking for a campground with a dump station.  A quick internet search brought up the Warren Bridge Campground managed by the BLM.  It had a dump station and from the photo nice widely spaced campsites. It all looked good. Except when we got to the campground we noticed a gate across the entrance road. It was closed for the season.

It is a nice campground.  Here are the reviews on the RV Park Reviews site.  If your traveling in the area during "open season" it is a nice campground and a good deal.

Here is the BLM information on the campground.  Scroll down for Warren Bridge Campground.

Fortunately, for us the better deal was just across the road.  The Green River Warren Bridge Access Area. This is a "dispersed" camping and recreation area managed by the BLM.  And a well designed, managed area it is.  It quickly made us forget the closed gate at the campground. No dump station or water, but everything else and the price is FREE. Well, you paid for it with your tax dollars, but the add-on cost is ZERO.  Senior pass holders, of course, get 50% off of ZERO.

The BLM has a couple of brochures with information on the area.  This link provides an overview map of the area. We only camped in area one and had it to ourselves. Another camper did come in during the night, but turned around. Must be that Wyoming ethic about not crowding people!

This  link give more information on the area. Nice spot and we intend to return in the future and explore the area further. The BLM web site also gives an excellent overview of the entire area: Green River-History-Access-Recreation.

If you want to float this section of the Green River this is worth reading.

The only warning is check the steepness of the access roads in the dispersed area section.  Parts are steep.  Be sure you have enough truck and traction to pull your trailer back out to the highway!!  In our case, I did slip the truck into 4-wd just to maintain traction.  I don't think the Dodge Ram has realized that it is towing the Casita, yet.

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