Wednesday, November 11, 2015

usbackroads destination--Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

usbackroads destination--Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

trip date: October 14, 2015

We left Grand Teton National Park on the John D. Rockefeller Jr. Parkway headed for Yellowstone National Park.  Bugaboo and I were in a foul mood as we approached the entrance station to the park.  Bugaboo as soon as he saw the NPS sign, knew it was going to be a ZERO day.  No running, exploring, sniffing or other good things to do.  In my case, waiting for over a half-hour on October 14 to enter a National Park is a bit much!

Yellowstone is a  very special spot on the planet.  The only other places that come close are Iceland and Kamchatka.  We almost bought Kamchatka from the Russians, but thank god the sale did not go through.  Otherwise, the National Park Service would be managing both world wonders!!  If you can go to Kamchatka.....GO!  It is a special place:  Kamchatka's Plants.

However, Yellowstone is much closer and just as special.  IF you have ONLY one day in Yellowstone National Park do the thermal features in the southeast corner along the Firehole River.  Do take any kid you can to this special place on earth.  It is a delight.  Even the worse, jaded, computer game and social networking junky will appreciate it.  Yep, those are selfies they are taking in the picture above.  Click on the image to see it full size.

The Firehole River is famous for fly fishing.  This is the typical picture you see in the magazines of fishing the Firehole River.

Well, the truth is more like this.  But still a special place.  It is just that you are sharing it with many people even in the middle of October.

But hey, fly fishing is cool. The attraction is the fishing for those "magically impaired".

Of course, it would NOT be a National Park without those signs.  Here the Park Service put one on the left side of the trail and another on the right side of the trail. Remember it is a National Park....walk between the lines, speak softly, and do not use flash. It is just like that fine art museum where you also pay to get in.

Don't let the signs stop you.

The scenery away from the hot springs is worth noting. The wildlife is there and the hot springs are always just visible as their steam rises.

There are several stops on the Hot Springs Tour of Yellowstone National Park.  A couple are closed to folks towing trailers.  So you might want to camp and day trip this portion of the National Park.

It is one of the most spectacular sights on this planet.  It belongs to you.  See it.

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